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The Moc10 Library requires no special installation steps. Simply download the library
and extract it next to your document root. If you have an application folder, you
can add it to the include path within the bootstrap.php file in the document root.

If you do not have access to the level above document root, you can simply place
the library code and your application code within the document root and set the
'bootstrap.php' file accordingly.


The Moc10 Library requires PHP v5.2.6+ or later.

Some dependencies for the library to fully function are as follows:

* The basic MySQL extension for basic MySQL database connections and transactions
* The MySQLi extension to utilize MySQLi to connect to and interact with MySQL databases
* The PostgreSQL extension for PostgreSQL database connections and transactions
* The SQLite3 extension for SQLite database connections and transactions
* The GD library for image manipulation (including FreeType support)
* The SimpleXML extension for the Feed and Language components
* The PHP mail function and SMTP server correctly set for the mail component
* The cURL extension for the Curl component
* FTP support enabled for the FTP component

Most of these extensions are generally included in PHP 5.2.6+, but should there be
any issues in any of these areas, please verify that the related extensions are
installed and configured properly. PHP's mail function is dependant on the whichever
mail program is available and correctly installed on the server.

A Note on Permissions: The following classes may require the correct permissions
to be set for the files and the directories that they access in order to work
properly. If the permissions are not set correctly, an exception or error could
be thrown within any of the following components:

* Moc10_File
* Moc10_Image
* Moc10_Pdf


The Moc10 Library is available for anonymous checkout via
Subversion at http://www.moc10phplibrary.com/svn/trunk/

Further contact or comments can be emailed to hide@address.com
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