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Very Simple Blogging System

This is a PHP based blogging system. Its features are limited but so
are possible problems. You can easily customize the blog by using the
CSS files. The system itself should be pretty self-explanatory but i
will try to give you some hints.


As you are reading this, i assume you managed to decompress the tarball/zip.
Just move the contents to some subdir of your webserver which you have access to.
Then make sure the access rights to the files are set right, so your webserver
is able to read the new files. Open the sub/config.php file in your favourite
text editor and change the settings according to your setup. Save your changes
and point your webbrowser to
in order to make your server execute the setup PHP script. Afterwards you should get a
message of success and are finished with the setup process.
Note: The setup script assumes that you already created a database on your MySQL server.

Legal Stuff

I am making this scripts available to the public under creative commons license.
So just copy it if you like and use it as a base for your own projects..


If you want to contact the author (that's me) just try one of the following:
eMail: 	hide@address.com
Jabber: hide@address.com
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