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eng.php : ENGLISH language pack for miniBB.
Copyright (C) 2001-2010 miniBB.com.

This file is part of miniBB. miniBB is free discussion forums/message board software, without any warranty. See COPYING file for more details. www.minibb.com

Latest File Update: 2011-Dec-19

/* v1.0 */

$l_meta='<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />';

$l_about='Forums Profile for';

$l_lastAuthor='Latest reply';
$l_sub_answer='Your Reply';

$l_new_topic='Start New Topic';
$l_chooseForum='Switch Forum';

$l_sub_post_msg='Post Message';
$l_sub_post_tpc='Post New Topic';

$l_emptyTopic='Topic with no subject';
$l_loadingtime='Page loading time, sec.:';

$l_enter_admin_login='This area requires your Administrative account details. Please, sign-in!';
$l_incorrect_login='Sorry! It appears there were wrong username and/or password typed. Please, try again!';

$l_logout='Sign Out';

$l_addforum='Add forum';
$l_error_addforum='Please, specify the Title for this forum!';
$l_forum_added='Forum was successfully added!';

$l_chooseeditforum='Switch forum to edit';
$l_editforum='Edit forum';

$l_noforums='No forums to edit';

$l_noAsking='You will not be asked again!';

$l_forumdesc='Short description';
$l_forumorder='Forum order';
$l_deleteforum='Delete forum';
$l_forumdeleted='Forum deleted';

$l_mysql_error='There was a database error. Please report this problem, describing in steps you were trying to do, to the forums Administrator, or <a href="http://www.minibb.com/forums/">contact</a> the developers of this software.<br />';

$l_adminpanel='Administrative Panel';

$l_fastforumspreview='Fast preview (forums will be ordered that way on the first page):';

$l_forumUpdated='Forum updated';


$l_topicsWillBeDisplayed='Since there is only one forum, topics will be displayed immediately on the first page.';

$logged_as='Logged in as:';

$l_loginpasswordincorrect='Sorry! Your username/password combination appears to be incorrect, or if you were posting anonymously, that nickname has already been taken by a registered member.';
$l_correctLoginpassword='Click here to go back and re-enter your details.';

$l_forumnotexists='Forum doesn\'t exist';
$l_topicnotexists='Topic doesn\'t exist. It was deleted by the administrator, moved to another forum, archived, or has never existed. Please, go to the forums main page and try to locate this subject, using forum tools.';
$l_topiccannotempty='Subject can not be empty, and it must be descriptive to other users. Try re-typing a longer subject.';
$l_back='Get Back';
$l_returntoforums='Return to the forums list';

$l_forbidden='Sorry! You are not granted to do this.';


$l_enterforums='Sign in';

$l_sortBy='Sort by:';
$l_newAnswers='Most recent replies first';
$l_newTopics='New topics first';


$l_lastDiscussions='Recent Topics';

$l_topic_closed='This topic is closed. New replies are not allowed.';

$l_closeTopic='Lock topic';
$l_deleteTopic='Delete topic';
$l_unlockTopic='Unlock topic';

$l_areYouSureDeleteTopic='Are you sure you want to delete this topic?\nAll associated posts will be deleted immediately, AND WILL NOT BE BACKED UP!';

$l_itseemserror='Sorry, an unexpected error has occured!';


$l_topicLocked='Topic has been locked!';
$l_topicUnLocked='Topic has been unlocked.';

$l_topicsDeleted='Topics deleted: ';
$l_postsDeleted='Replies deleted: ';

$l_emptyPost='Your message is either empty or too short to be posted on this forum, based on our content rules. Please, edit your posting, and try submitting again.';


$l_forumIconDesc='Forum icons are displayed near forum titles in the forums block and topic listing headings. They must be copied under the "/img/forum_icons" folder. Icons should be either .GIF or .JPG with a maximum size of 16x16 pixels. Here you just need to type the filename of an image WITHOUT any extra path or folder name. By the easy way, choose an icon by clicking one of the icons <b>on the right hand side of this page</b> (they are all under the forum_icons/ folder and are displayed automatically). If no image is specified, default.gif will be taken.';

$l_error_addforumicon='Forum was not added, because the following image does not exist: ';

$l_noTopicsInForum='This forum still has no topics. You are welcome to be first to post!';

$l_rows='database row(s)';


$l_stats_popular='Most popular topics';
$l_stats_aUsers='Most active members';
$l_stats_viewed='Most viewed topics';

$l_stats_numUsers='Number of registered users';
$l_stats_numTopics='Number of topics';
$l_stats_numPosts='Number of replies';

$l_stats_admin='This forum is administered by';
$l_stats_lastReg='Latest member registered is';

$l_editedBy='Edited by: ';


$l_postNotExist='Post does not exist!';

$l_areYouSureDeletePost='Are you sure you want to delete this post?';

$l_postID='Post ID';

$l_postDeleted='Post successfully deleted';

$l_menu[7]='Start New Topic';


$l_editPost='Edit Message';

$l_topicTitleUpdated='Subject has been updated.';

$l_onlyAdminCanEdit='Sorry! This post has been edited and possibly censored by the forums staff, and is protected now from further editing.';
$l_topicTextUpdated='Message has been updated.';

$l_disableBbCode='Disable BB codes';
$l_whatIsIt='What\'s this?';

$l_moveTopic='Move topic';

$l_topicMoved='Topic has been moved.';

$l_goTopic='Go to the topic';



$l_search[0]='Search for';
$l_search[5]='Topic titles';
$l_search[7]='Words beginning from the specified fragment';
$l_search[13]='Words containing the specified fragment';
$l_search[9]='"Whole phrase"';
$l_search[10]='<b>How to search these forums?</b> <ol type="1" style="margin-left:18pt"><li>Find the <b>one</b> most important keyword in your search term. It could be a partial fragment of a word, to search wider.</li><li>Try to give it no more than 3 words to search, with a possibly shorter, yet definitive length.</li><li>Try to search by it in topic titles at first, then if you are not satisfied with results, search in message bodies (refine <strong>'.$l_search[1].'</strong> for that).</li><li>As less search options you specify, as more search results you will be offered to choose from.</li><li>Use Search boxes located on the bottom of forum pages, for immediate search in a certain forum or topic.</li></ol>'; 
$l_usersIPs='List of users posted from the IP address';
$l_userIP='User\'s IP';
$l_userNoIP='No IPs found';

$l_userRegistered='Congratulations to You as our forums new member!';
$l_goToLogin='You should be already logged in automatically. Go the forums first page to check for that.';
$l_thankYouReg='Thank you very much for registering!';

$l_newUserRegister='Register Now!';
$l_necessaryFields='Mandatory are only the bold fields.';
$l_fillRegisterForm='It takes less than a minute. Just fill in the form below.';

$l_passOnceAgain='Repeat Password';
$l_email='Email address';
$l_websiteUrl='Website (beginning with http://)';
$l_userOcc='Occupation, duties';
$l_userFrom='Location, country';
$l_chooseCountry='Choose from the list on the right, or specify your own';
$l_userInterest='Interests, hobbies';
$l_userViewEmail='Show email address to others?';
$l_sortTopics='Default sorting:';

$l_errorUserData='Oops! Wrong input!..';

$l_userErrors[1]='Sorry! Username must contain only latin letters (a-z and A-Z), numbers (0-9), spaces and underscores, being from 3 to 15 characters in length. Username can not consist of the numbers only, it should not start or end with a specific character, should not contain multiple repeated characters. Please, verify it and try again!';
$l_userErrors[2]='Sorry! Password must contain only latin letters (a-z and A-Z), numbers (0-9) and underscores, being between 5 and 30 characters in length.';
$l_userErrors[3]='Sorry! Security verifycation failed: entered passwords didn\'t match!';
$l_userErrors[4]='Sorry! This email address appears to be malformed, or it has been already taken by the other member.';
$l_userErrors[6]='Sorry! You must provide a full URL to the website, starting with http:// or https://';

$l_errorUserExists='Unable to register this account. Possibly, the Username or email address have already been taken, or Administrator\'s profile  isn\'t recorded out yet. Please contact forums staff, if you are not sure why message this came out, providing your registration details.';

$l_removeUser='Remove user';
$l_enterID='Enter ID';
$l_cantDeleteUser='Unable to delete this user!';
$l_removeUserMessages='Also remove all user MESSAGES and TOPICS (with other users\' messages)';
$l_userDeleted='User has been deleted from the USERS table.';
$l_userNotDeleted='There was an error: User was not deleted!';
$l_userMsgsDeleted='User messages were deleted.';
$l_userMsgsNotDeleted='User messages were not deleted.';
$l_userUpdated0='Username was updated to "Guest" on forums.';
$l_userNotUpdated0='User info was not updated.';

$l_stillNoForums='It\'s a beautiful time, but so far, no forums have been installed here. Please, come to check for them later.';

$l_pwdWillBeSent='Please, enter your email address below, which was used upon registration. Then you will get a letter instructing how you can reset the password';
$l_emailNotExists='Sorry! The email address you\'ve entered, doesn\'t exist in our database.';
$l_emailSent='A new password has been sent to your email address. Please read the letter CAREFULLY, and follow all instructions to get it up!';
$l_passwdUpdate='Your password was succesfully updated. You can now go to the Profile page and change it to something memorable.';

$l_editPrefs='Edit Profile';
$l_onlyIfChangePwd='Fill in only if you change your password';
$l_prefsUpdated='Profile has been updated!';
$l_prefsNotUpdated='It appears no changes were made to your Profile, so no details were updated.';
$l_prefsPassUpdated='<br />Since the Password has been changed, you will need to sign in again on the main forums page.';

$l_restoreDataAdmin='Restore Admin data in database';

$l_userNotExists='Sorry! This profile doesn\'t exist anymore.';

$l_userInfo='User info';

$l_usrInfo[2]='Registration date';
$l_usrInfo[5]='Instant messenger';


$l_usrInfoActivities='Forum activity';

$l_antiSpam='Bang! The system prevents you from making more than one post every '.$postRange.' seconds.';
$l_emailNotify='Check to watch this topic and get updates by email';

$l_delSendMais='Type an email address to delete, or simply press button for clearing up the whole table. You will not be asked twice!';
$l_completed='Action completed!';

$l_enterIP='Enter user\'s IP address or ID';
$l_ban='Ban user\'s IP/ID';
$l_unsetBan='Unset/unban users\' IPs/IDs';
$l_IpBanned='IP/ID banned';
$l_IpExists='IP/ID already exists';
$l_noBans='No banned IPs/IDs in database!';
$l_incorrectIp='Incorrect IP or user ID!';

$l_accessDenied='Operation can not be completed. Either you are trying to access a section of the forums, which you do not have access to, either trying to execute an action, which is not allowed for you. Please, contact forums administrator to ask more about this problem, if you are sure this is a mistake.';

$l_forumProtected='Our forums are password protected. Please enter the forum password in the form below';

$l_userLastTopics='Recent topics posted';
$l_userLastPosts='Recent replies posted';
$l_exportEmails='Export emails';
$l_deleteSendmails='Delete email notifications';
$l_warnEncoding='Please check your browser\'s character encoding settings, before posting a message containing non-Latin characters!';

/* v1.1 */

$l_unsubscribe='Unsubscribe from email notifications';

/* v1.2 */
$l_searchUsers='Search users';
$l_haventReg='Haven\'t posted since YYYY-MM-DD';
$l_wrongData='Incorrect input!';
$l_recordsFound='Record(s) found:';
$l_inactiveUsers='Inactive users (haven\'t posted anything)';

/* v1.3 */

$l_days_within='Show these stats for the last';
$l_search[11]='Match whole words';
$l_moderatorsAre='Forums moderator(s)';

/* v1.5 */
$l_makeSticky='Make sticky';
$l_makeUnsticky='Make unsticky';
$l_topicSticked='Topic has been stuck.';
$l_topicUnsticked='Topic has been unstuck.';

/* v1.7 */
$l_search[12]='When searching for topics within the last X days, you cannot exceed the default "days" interval, which is';

/* v2.0 RC2c */
$l_forumgroup='Supertitle (appears before the Title, emulating the Group of forums)';

/* v2.0 RC3a */
$l_signIn='Your attempt failed: only registered users are allowed to use our forums.';
$l_quoteMsgAlert='For quoting an excerpt, please highlight some text from the message first, then click the link. The text you have highlighted will be automatically inserted with the proper BB codes into the message form area.';
$l_forumDeleteAlert='We will ask you ONLY ONCE - after that your forum, ALL topics and ALL posts in it WILL BE DELETED!';
$l_poweredBy='Powered by';

/* v2.0 RC4 */
$l_searchFailed='Search failed: no results.';

/* v2.0 RC5 */
$l_anonAllowed='You are welcome to post anonymously, by entering a nickname with no password (if the similar Username has not been taken yet), or by leaving both fields empty. If you have a forums account, you can also sign in from this page without posting a message, or sign in and post at once.';
$l_anonDisallowed='Only registered users are allowed to post here. Please, enter your username/password details upon posting a message, or <a href="'.$main_url.'/'.$indexphp.'action=registernew" target="_blank">register first</a>.';
$l_banReason='Ban reason';

$l_bb_bold='BB code for the Bold Style';
$l_bb_italic='BB code for the Italic Style';
$l_bb_underlined='BB code for the Style';
$l_bb_image='BB Code for the Picture';
$l_bb_url='BB code for the URL';

$l_deleteAllMsgs='Delete checked messages';

/* v2.0 RC5a */
$l_returntotopics='Return to the topics list';

/* v2.0 RC6 */
$l_emailChangeCode='Your account is currently blocked. A confirmation link has been sent to the email address you\'ve just specified. After confirmation, you will be able to use our forums again. If you don\'t receive an email, it\'s possibly that your present address is blocking messages from our site e.g. through a spam filter. In that case, please provide an alternative email address.';
$l_emailCodeConfirm='Your account has now been unblocked, and any restrictions on your account have been removed.';

/* v2.0 */
$l_postholdRepeat='Resubmit data';
$l_fixData='Please verify/correct the data and try again.';
$l_deniedWhilePost='Sorry! It appears that during the time you have submitted your posting, your access to the forum has been restricted, and in result, your post has not been added.';
$l_movedWhilePost='Sorry! It appears that during the time you have submitted your posting, the topic was either moved or closed, and in result, your post has not been added.';
$l_antiSpamWait='It appears you have posted very recently. Please wait a short amount of time and try submitting again.';
$l_promptAlt='Describe%20this%20picture:'; //should not contain direct spaces

/* v2.2 */

/* v2.3 */

/* v2.4.1 */
$l_backToPostLink='Click this icon to move up to the quoted message';
$l_pageOf='of'; //page X OF Y

/* v2.5 */
$l_enterSubject='Please, enter '.$l_topicTitle.'!';
$l_enterMessage='Please, enter '.$l_message.'!';

/* v3.0 */
$l_stats_pop_forums='Most Popular Forums';

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