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This file is part of miniBB. miniBB is free discussion forums/message board software, without any warranty. See COPYING file for more details. Copyright (C) 2004, 2006, 2010 Paul Puzyrev. www.minibb.com
Latest File Update: 2010-Nov-09
if (!defined('INCLUDED776')) die ('Fatal error.');

if(isset($_POST) and count($_POST)>0){

foreach($dbUserSheme as $k=>$v){
if(isset($_POST[$v[2]])) $s = trim ( str_replace(chr(92), '', htmlspecialchars (stripslashes($_POST[$v[2]]),ENT_QUOTES))); else $s='';
${$v[1]}=$s; ${$v[2]}=$s;

if(!isset($_POST['passwd2'])) $passwd2=''; else $passwd2=trim(str_replace(chr(92), '', htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($_POST['passwd2']),ENT_QUOTES)));
if(isset($login)) $login=preg_replace("#[\s]{2,}#", ' ', $login);

else die('Unexpected error');
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