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<h1>Welcome to MicroMVC</h1>
<p style="margin-top: -2em;">A microscopic Model-View-Controller framework for PHP 5!</p>

<p>MicroMVC offers Class, Function, Module, Config, Language, Cache, and View management. Plus many other features like URI routing, hooks/plugins, file uploads, database abstraction, captcha creation, and more! If you are new the Model/View/Controller world of OOP - then this system is for you. Almost every line is documented making it an incredibly easy system to learn.</p>

<p>Our core reason for building this system is, first and foremost, speed and performance. Everything that isn't required for all projects and proper design is left out - or left empty for you to implement should you need it. MicroMVC speeds up the core setup process that so many other frameworks bloat. By loading only a couple small classes and config files, this system can be setup and ready to roll in a couple milliseconds (vs a couple hundred or <i>thousand</i> for other frameworks).</p>

<p>Any existing PHP Classes can easily be dropped in and autoloaded so you can continue working. You don't have to give up your favorite libraries while still enjoying the benefits of a structured MVC. Feel free to implement singleton, dependency injection, or any other form of application design.</p>

<p>In addition, full multi-byte string support is built into the system. No more problems with UTF-8, Big5, or Unicode when dealing with user submitted data. If you don't have the mb_string extension loaded - no problem! A PHP-based version will be autoloaded for you! Perfect for projects on shared hosts that still need support for international users.</p>


	<li>PHP 5</li>
	<li>Apache mod_rewrite (or similar for other servers)</li>
	<li>PDO if using the Database</li>

<p>MicroMVC is licensed under the Open Source <a href="<?php print site_url('license.txt');?>">MIT license</a>, so you can use it for any personal or corporate projects totally free!</p>

<p>Built by <a href="http://xeoncross.com">David</a> of
<a href="http://code2design.com">Code2Design</a>. Git 'r done!</p>
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