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<TITLE>Merchant Empires Manual: Quickstart</TITLE>
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<H3><A NAME="s1">1. Quickstart</A></H3>

<img src='quickstart.png'><br><br>

<b>Local Map</b><br><br>
The image above shows a portion of the local map display.  Each numbered square
region on the map is a sector.  The sector highlighted in red is your merchant's current location.
Sectors that your merchant can move to are yellow highlighted.  It is not possible to move
diagonally.  If it is not possible to move to an immediately neighboring sector, the sector
will not be yellow highlighted.  The small blue arrows denote the existence of an exit from
one sector to another.  If a sector has not been explored, you will not be able to see
its contents.  The sector number of an unexplored sector is grayed out.  Click on the number
of a neighboring sector to move to it.<br><br> The local map displays a portion of a galaxy.
The Merchant Empires universe is divided into separate
<A HREF="index-2.html#ss2.7">galaxies</a>.<br><br>
Sectors contain <A HREF="index-2.html#ss2.6">locations</a>.  To enter a location in the current sector, click on it.  Sector 1125 in
the image above contains three locations: (1) a ship dealer, (2) a governmental capitol, and (3) an Imperial
Sector's that contain ports display the goods for sale at the port on the local map.  To enter a port, click
on the goods icon in the current sector.  There are many <A HREF="index-4.html#ss4.1">factors</a> that
affect the buying and selling of goods.  Trading goods is the chief mechanism for gaining experience in
Merchant Empires.<br><br>
Your merchant begins the game with a limited amount of credits and a small trading vessel.  Before purchasing
additional technology for your ship, you should conduct a few trades to increase your merchant's spending ability.
Increasing your ship's cargo capacity, through the purchase of additional cargo holds, is usually the
first step to building your financial empire.<br><br>
You have 900 newbie turns.  These turns provide complete <A HREF="index-5.html#ss5.4">protection</a> for your merchant from attack by hostile

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