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<div id="content" class="setdiv">
    <div id="full-contentdiv">
        <div class="righttop">
            <h2 align="center">
                MembersGear Installation
         <div class="whole-page clear">
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            {*Please click on <a href="backup.php">link</a> to create backup of aMembers tables in MySQL database.*}
            <table width="90%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3" border="0" bgcolor="#eaeaea" align="center" class="tbset">
                   <tr bgcolor="#ffffff" align="center">
                    <td class="left-side-text" ><center><label><b>
                     You have not installed MembersGear yet<label></center></b><br><br>
                     <center><a href="{$installation_url}">Click here to start Installation</a></center>
    <div style="height:50px;">

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