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1. This agreement is valid for a period of 3 years and can be prolonged by mutual agreement.
<br/><br/>2. This agreement can be cancelled before the time for which it has been signed either
<ul style="margin:0px !important;padding:0px 0px 0px 20px !important;list-style-type:lower-latin !important">
    <li style="float:none !important">by mutual agreement or </li>
    <li style="float:none !important">loss of the trade licence of any of the party, in case of declaring bankruptcy or compounding procedure or in case of the loss of possibilities to realize of this agreement through his mediation. The notice is realized by a registered letter to the last known address of the second contractual parties. The notice is made in time when it was posted before the beginning of notice term.
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<b>Article 8</b>
<br/>The relations resulting from this contract and legal consequences related to it including the questions of its validity or its invalidity are governed by the Indian La
<br/><br/><b>Article 9</b>
<br/>All disputes which might arise in connection with this agreement will be settled in an amicable way in the first place. If the parties of this agreement will not reach an accord by friendly discussion all disputes will be referred to three arbitrators who will be appointed and will act in accordance with Rules of Arbitration Court of India. Both parties undertake to carry out the award of such arbitration and take it for final.
<br/><br/>This agreement is made in 2 copies for each party in English language.
<br/><br/>MemberSite Ltd.</p>
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