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// V4.50 6 July 2004

include_once( "../adodb.inc.php" );
include_once( "../adodb-xmlschema03.inc.php" );

// To build the schema, start by creating a normal ADOdb connection:
$db = ADONewConnection( 'mysql' );
$db->Connect( 'localhost', 'root', '', 'test' ) || die('fail connect1');

// To create a schema object and build the query array.
$schema = new adoSchema( $db );

// To upgrade an existing schema object, use the following 
// To upgrade an existing database to the provided schema,
// uncomment the following line:

print "<b>SQL to build xmlschema.xml</b>:\n<pre>";
// Build the SQL array
$sql = $schema->ParseSchema( "xmlschema.xml" );

var_dump( $sql );
print "</pre>\n";

// Execute the SQL on the database
//$result = $schema->ExecuteSchema( $sql );

// Finally, clean up after the XML parser
// (PHP won't do this for you!)

print "<b>SQL to build xmlschema-mssql.xml</b>:\n<pre>";

$db2 = ADONewConnection('mssql');
$db2->Connect('','adodb','natsoft','northwind') || die("Fail 2");

$db2->Execute("drop table simple_table");

$schema = new adoSchema( $db2 );
$sql = $schema->ParseSchema( "xmlschema-mssql.xml" );

print_r( $sql );
print "</pre>\n";


foreach ($sql as $s)
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