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1. First installation

First installation of meBiblio requires some simple steps, that are not 
automated, though.

1.1. Prerequisites
  The machine in which you want to install meBiblio should run
  - PHP engine with mySQL support
  - apache web server
  - mySQL server. 

  The mySQL server can be run on a different machine that the one in which the 
  web server resides. In such a case the dblink.php must be changed 

1.2. Create the database
  To create the database for meBiblio (default name: letteratura) you need 
  administrator rights on the mySQL server.

  In general:

  bash$> mysql -uroot -p<your_root_mysql_password>

  mysql> CREATE DATABASE letteratura;
  mysql> GRANT ALL ON letteratura.* TO hide@address.com IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpasswordhere';
  mysql> quit;

  Substitute yourusername with the user name of you user in mysql; and 
  yourpasswordhere with the password of you mysql user.

1.3. Unpack the tarball
  Unpack the tarball in a directory accessible by your web server. for instance
  /home/edo/public_html/ .
  meBiblio will then reside in the meBiblio-0.x.x/ directory of your 
  personal directory in the web server: http://localhost/~edo/meBiblio-0.x.x/

1.4. Fill the database with the right tables
  Enter the directory meBiblio 0.4.x.x

  bash$> mysql -u yourusername -pyourpasswordhere letteratura < 0.4.x.sql

1.5. Ready to go!


In general an upgrade contains either changes to the web interface or to the 
database structure. Upgrades are not automated.

When upgrading please note that the various steps may lead to dramatic and 
unrecoverable destruction of your database, and I don't give any insurance
that everything will go smooth. So, ALL THE TIMES YOU MAKE AN UPGRADE, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK and make a backup before proceeding. To backup your database 
is sufficient to 
  bash$> mysqldump -uyouruser -pyourpasswd letteratura > MyBelovedDB.sql

2.1 Changes to the web interface
    To upgrade a web change it is sufficient to substitute the files in the 
    directory where meBiblio resides (see 1.3).

2.2 Changes to the dbstructure

    To upgrade the dbstructure it is always provided a sql file named, for
    instance 0.4.2-to-0.4.3.sql, that it's needed when upgrading the 
    database structure from release 0.4.2 to 0.4.3.
    It is sufficient to run from shell

    bash$> mysql -u youruser -pyourpasswd letteratura < 0.4.2-to-0.4.3.sql

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