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//Database settings
$dbhost          = "";
$dbuname         = "";
$dbpass          = "";
$dbname          = "";
$prefix          = "";

//Link to the mobile home page
$homelink    = "http://mda.leoxs.com";

//Language code according ISO 639, e.g. "en", "de", etc. Look lang directory and also -> includes/header.php
$lang            = "en";

//Will be shown on the author.php
$webmaster       ="Vitaly Fedulov";
$email           ="vitaly.fedulov at g mail dot com";

//If detected web browser users will be automatically redirected after the timeout (sec) to another URL -> includes/header.php
$use_redirection = "0";
$timeout = "2";
$weburl = "http://www.leoxs.com";

//Activates the device simulator on bigscreen browsers (set="1")  -> includes/header.php
$use_skin = "1";
//Available "hawhaw","nokia6600",SonyEricson "k700" -> skin dir
$skin = "nokia6600";

//Set how many recent posts will be shown on the page-> new.php
$num_rec_post = "5";
//Set how many posts will be shown on the page -> posts.php and pages.php
$num_posts = "10";

//Your partners banner in .gif, .jpg or any other HTML compatible format, link to your partner and alternative text for the banner
$bannerimage     = "http://url.gif";
$bannerlink      = "http://url.com";
$bannertext      = "alt";
//Then open footer.php and uncomment lines 20 and 21

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