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/*Vitaly Fedulov leoxs.com
  Downloads mdasx.sourceforge.net
  Version 0.1beta License GNU/GPL       */

require_once ("includes/hawhaw.inc");
require_once ("includes/config.php");
$blogtitle = "Feedback";
include_once ("includes/header.php");

$Text = new HAW_text("Please visit web-version. URL: ".$weburl);

$Text = new HAW_text($webmaster);

$Text = new HAW_text($email);

//You are not allowed to remove this. See COPYNG.txt
$copyright = new HAW_text("Mobile Device Access powered by ");
$copyright=new HAW_link("(C) mdasx wp","http://wap.leoxs.com/mda.php");
//But you can remove a picture.If have decided to make it then remove the next two lines $Image and $Page
$Image = new HAW_image("images/author/vitaly_big.wbmp","images/author/vitaly_big.gif","vitaly","images/author/vitaly_big.bmp");

include_once ("includes/footer.php");

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