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    <h2>Quick Documentation</h2>
    <p>Table of Content:</p>
      <li><a href="#3">Enabling Search Engine Friendly URL to Improve Site Rank</a></li>
      <li><a href="#7">Using Default Skin For Admin Panel</a></li>
      <li><a href="#8">Creating Custom Pages</a></li>
      <li><a href="#6">About RTE</a></li>
    <h3><a name="3"></a>Enabling Search Engine Friendly URL to Improve Site Rank</h3>
    <p>Using ADP, your shop will be more search engine friendly. ADP works
    by transforming dynamic url (eg. http://mysite.tld/list.php?cat_id=5) into
    static url (eg. http://mysite.tld/list-cat_id-5). For more information about
    ADP please see <a href="adp.htm">ADP Information</a>.</p>
    <h3><a name="7"></a>Using Default Skin For Admin Panel</h3>
    <p>When you create a new skin for your site, you don't have to create a new
    admin skin for admin panel. You don't even have to copy an existing admin
    skin. All you have to do is:</p>
      <li>Create an empty file, save as <b>use_default</b> put in <b>
      <li>So the file structure would be like this: /skins/my_skin/admin<b>/use_default</b></li>
      <li>This will force mBlog to use default skin.</li>

    <h3><a name="8"></a>Creating Custom Pages</h3>
    <p>If you need to display your own pages (such as FAQ, company policy, etc) follow these steps:</p>
     <li>Create your page in HTML, be sure to remove html header.</li>
     <li>Save it in skins/your_skin/<b>your_file.tpl</b> (be sure to have .tpl as extension).</li>
     <li>Link to it by using: index.php?page=<b>your_file</b></li>

    <h3><a name="6"></a>About Rich Text Editor AKA WYSIWYG Editor</h3>
    <p>We don't create the RTE by ourselves. We are not that good in JavaScript.</p>
    <p>RTE is a freeware (c)Kevin Roth<br>
    visit his site in <a href="http://www.kevinroth.com/">
    <p><i><font size="2">In our opinion: there are
    many other WYSIWYG editor, such as HTML Area, FCKeditor, etc, and they have
    much more feature (including table editor, css editor, etc). But other
    editor are too slow, or too big. The total file size for mBlog is only
    about  500KB, but the FCKeditor alone is 1,000KB! RTE is only 30KB! Those
    other editors are good for page &amp; complex editing, but for simple editor,
    RTE rules! So, be sure to visit his site, and donate $10 to his paypal. ~if 
    you do so, don't forget to buy mBlog!</font></i></td>


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