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   $emailAdmin 		= "hide@address.com";   		// This is the email address that will be used for outgoing emails
   $urlPath 		= "http://www.matterdaddy.com/market/market";     // This is the location of the marketplace... used in email links to activate postings
   // these two are used to log into the admin mode, change them to something you'll remember
	$username = "admin";
	$password = "admin";
   $languageFile 	= "language/lang_english.php";  // This defines what language and corresponds with the file in the folder.
	// This key is used to remove postings, change the value inside the quotes to something obscure, 
	// you will never need to remember it, so make it really obscure. 
	$key	  = "qpalzmytghnb";
	// Strings for the RSS file 
	$rss_title = "Marketplace";
	$rss_description = "These are things for sale";

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