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<title>Install Instructions</title>
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<h2  style="border-bottom:4px solid #4B76CA">Instructions to Install Matterdaddy Marketplace</h2>

Thanks for downloading. A couple fairly simple steps to follow to get this bad-boy 
installed. If you have trouble or questions there is the <a href="http://matterdaddy.com/phpBB3"><strong>Support 
  <li> <strong>Create database tables</strong>: <strong class="fileName"><a href="sql.txt">sql.txt</a></strong><br>
    Insert the SQL code below file to create the tables in your database. If you 
    are unfamiliar with this, install <a href="http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/index.php" target="_blank">phpMyAdmin</a> 
    as a start. Essentially, you select your database, click on the SQL tab and 
    paste the code in the big textarea and press 'Go'.<em><br>
    <form name="form1" method="post" action="">
      <p>Copy / Paste this SQL code to create your tables. You can also get the 
        contents from the included <a href="sql.txt">sql.txt</a>.      </p>
      <p>You should now have a two tables: <em><strong>md_categories</strong></em> 
        and <em><strong>md_postings</strong></em> 
  <li><strong>Enter database connection information: <span class="fileName">inc_dbcon.php</span><br>
    </strong>Update inc_dbcon.php with the respective information to connect to 
    your database. Example, update the bolded information below.<br>
    $dbhostname = &quot;<strong>myDomain.com</strong>&quot;;<br>
    $dbname = &quot;<strong>myDataBaseName</strong>&quot;;<br>
    $dbusername = &quot;<strong>myDataBaseUsername</strong>&quot;;<br>
    $dbpassword = &quot;<strong>myDataBasePassword</strong>&quot;;<br>
    &nbsp; </li>
  <li><strong>Change the fields in : <span class="fileName">admin/config.php</span></strong><br>
    There are several variables that you will need to update to get it to work 
    on you server:<br>
    $emailAdmin = &quot;<strong>hide@address.com</strong>&quot;; <br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Change the email address to be yours or the administrators 
    email address. When emails from the marketplace are sent out, this is who 
    they will be from. <br>
    $urlPath = &quot;<strong>http://www.yourdomain.com/marketplace</strong>&quot;;<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;When links in the email are sent out to activate a 
    listing (confirm a listing), this address will be used along with a custom 
    URL so that people can click on the link and activate a posting<br>
    $languageFile = &quot;<strong>language/lang_english.php</strong>&quot;;<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This is the language file that the site uses. <br>
    If you translate it to any other languages, send me the language file so that 
    others can benefit, caryevans2000[at]yahoo.com<br>
<p>That's it! You should be ready to roll!<br>
<p>Questions / problems see: <strong><a href="http://matterdaddy.com/phpBB3">Support 
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