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<title>Change Log</title>
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<h2 style="border-bottom:4px solid #4B76CA">Change Log</h2>
<h4>Updates v1.4.1</h4>
<p>Mar 29, 2010</p>
  <li>Fixed bugs with multiple language constants</li>
  <li>Added jQuery effects for show/hide</li>
  <li>Updated buttons to be sexy</li>
  <li>Updated footer </li>
  <li>Updated size uf the thumbnail</li>
  <li>Updated general look/feel of post an item</li>
  <li>Fixed variable issues with some install configureations throwing errors.</li>
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<h4>Updates v1.3</h4>
<p>Sept 23, 2008</p>
  <li>Added Search functionality. Files changes are 
      <li>index.php (noted in the comments on line 25 and 113)</li>
      <li> lang_english.php - added supporting strings for null search results 
        &quot;No results found...&quot; and &quot;Search&quot; and &quot;Go&quot; 
        for the widgets on the screen</li>
      <li>categories.php - added the search widgets to </li>
  <li>Cleaned up an old sql connection that was being called but not used</li>
  <li>Added a close to the SQL connection to the footer of files that call the 
  <li>Fixed the URL in the footer referencing where one can download the script. 
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<h4>Updates v1.2</h4>
<p>Sept 15, 2008</p>
<p>- Added mysql_real_escape_string() to all incoming variables to prevent SQL 
  injection vulnerabilities. <br>
  - Added lang_danish.php - Danish language support<br>
  - Changed the footer to be &quot;powered by matterdaddy market&quot;<br>
  - Updated several links that were pointing to the older support site.<br>
  - Ensured that /photo directory is included in .zip file<br>
  - Update some of the install instructions.</p>
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<h4>Updates v1.1</h4>
<p>Jan 30, 2008</p>
<p>This release includes an internationalized version. Thanks to PierreJ for all 
  the work.</p>
<p>Pretty puch every file ahs been updated to include support for language.<br>
  RSS.php has been fixed<br>
  Removed a validation bug in the controller file.</p>
<p><strong>If you translate it to any other languages</strong>, send me the language 
  file so that others can benefit, caryevans2000[at]yahoo.com. Also, there currently 
  are ommissions in the spanish and french files. If you update those, please 
  send me the updates and I'll include. Thanks!</p>
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<h4>Updates v1.05</h4>
<p>Jan 20, 2008</p>
<p><strong>controller.php </strong>- added data validation on required fields<br>
  <strong>viewItem.php - </strong>added / fixed JavaScript data validation<br>
  <strong>newItem.php</strong> - added JavaScript data validation<br>
  <strong>md_style.css</strong> - added error styles (at the bottom of the page)<br>
  <strong>admin/index.php</strong> - added link to the <a href="http://matterdaddy.com/phpBB2/">support 
  <strong>_install_Instructions.htm </strong>- updated them</p>
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<h4><strong>Updates v1.04</strong></h4>
<p> <strong>controller.php</strong> - Added 'hacker defense' - Thanks Kreuznacher 
  | wurdzwurk<br>
  Checks to see if certain bad strings are trying to be submitted.</p>
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<h4><strong>Updates in v1.03 </strong> </h4>
<p>Fixed: Typo on $serverPath variable by... On all emails and RSS it now detects 
  domain and directory so there is no need to emss with $serverPath variable <br>
  Fixed: On the same file &#8220;email_newItem.php&#8221; on line 8, $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] 
  returns the server name including www. So an email will appear something like 
  hide@address.com instead of hide@address.com . The same applies from line 
  Fixed: When I uploaded the database I had to manually mark &#8220;postId&#8221; 
  and &#8220;cat_id&#8221; as auto_increasment to work.<br>
  Fixed: Updated the whole admin key thing; When I login to admin panel and click 
  &#8220;View Site in Admin Mode&#8221; after I make a change, like deleting a 
  post, I have to relogin to be able to make a new change.</p>
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