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Map-IP version 1.1

Version 1.1 Note: 1.1 does not change any functionality from 1.0,
only the README file is updated and more languages are included.
The extras/ directory contains an earth image file as well.

This script uses NetGeo to plot a host on the globe.

PHP 4 and Optionally GD.

The GD library is available at http://www.boutell.com/gd/ and PHP is at

Put these files somewhere on your webserver, and point your browser to plot.php

Note: You can symlink "ln -s plot.php index.php" if you need to. 

All options can be edited in plotconf.inc. 

If you want to integrate IP-Atlas into your website, open up plot.php and
ip-atlas_prefs.php and edit the parts where it starts writing the html
(find for "<html>") and where it ends (</html>). You should replace theses
with your site template headers/footers.

You can create a new language file for IP-Atlas if you follow the directions
inside any language file in the languages/ directory.

If you create a new language file, please email it to hide@address.com so 
it can be included in the next version.

1. The famous windows bug (also happens in other cirumstances)

If nothing appears when running the script on windows, open up plotconf.inc
and change the $trygd variable to "0".


Thanks to Sten Kalenda (hide@address.com) for adding security features and 
cleaning up the code.

Thanks to Armin Kunaschik (hide@address.com) for his proxy patch 
that enables this program to run behind a firewall.

Thanks to Daniel Quinlan (hide@address.com) for a patch that fixes
many problems on windows.

Also thanks to many users for reporting bugs.

Google Ad's

Google ad's are situated in footer.inc and can be amended or removed from there.
Please consider leaving them in place to help towards our future development.

Map-IP is Copyright (C) 2005 Michael Wetton, and can be redistributed
under the GPL.
Based on IP-Atlas 1.1, Copyright (C) 2002-2004 Ivan Kozik.
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