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defined( '_VALID_CPTICRD' ) or die( 'Prohibido el Acesso a este Recurso' );


* Key points... *

This infoware application had been inspired on a former client assignment consisting
in a basic online catalog to list IT initiatives and projects inside the Dominican
Republic territory.

From the original features list, I expanded it in order to make it attractive to
all other webmasters/webmistress and web developers needing a GUI based on the geopolitical
division of the Dominican provinces, for such implementations like regional offices,
company concessionaires, etc..

Given its broad potential uses, I released it on the GNU General Public License umbrella
to the Internet community so anyone can use and modify it to fit its individual

However, been this originated from a consulting duty, I had limited time to develop a more
robust feature list, reason why its lack some basic subsystems, like an access control
mechanism for the back end administration operations. So, at the moment you will have to
provide yourself appropriate protection to the Administrador folder, maybe by an
.htaccess/.htpassword artifact in case you are using a LAMP platform for running it from.

The look-and-feel of the front end and back end interface can be tweaked by the
$pSufijo flag system so you can alter it if you need multiple instances of the interface
on the same implementation. But, if you want to use it on an static environment like
a CD-ROM, you just need to strip it down and everything will work agnostically.

Given the fact this is an Open Source initiative, if you expand/patch this software
please contact me so I can add your modifications and/or hacks to this distro to others
to enjoy.

I sincerely hope this piece of software will be useful for you and friendly for
your users.

If you need further information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Moises Jafet Cornelio-Vargas
Knowledge Management Consulting Services
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