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<title>Option: plugins</title>
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	<h1>Option: plugins</h1>

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		This option should contain a comma separated list of plugins. Plugins are loaded from the &quot;tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins&quot; directory and the plugin name matches the name of the directory. TinyMCE is shipped with some core plugins these are described in greater detail in the <a href="reference_plugins.html">Plugins reference</a>.
		TinyMCE also supports the ability to have plugins added from a external resource, these plugins needs to be self registrering and loaded after the tinyMCE.init call. You should also prefix these plugins with a &quot;-&quot; character so that TinyMCE doesn't try to load it from the TinyMCE plugins directory.

		There are many third party plugins for TinyMCE some of these may be found under &quot;Plugins&quot; at <a href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/tinymce/">SourceForge</a> and if you have developed one of your own please contribute it to this project by uploading it to SourceForge.

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	<h3>Example of usage of the plugins option:</h3>
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	<strong>plugins : &quot;table,contextmenu,paste,-externalplugin&quot;</strong>

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