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	<h2>General information</h2>
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		<p>TinyMCE is a powerful WYSIWYG editor control for web browsers such as MSIE or Mozilla that enables the user to edit HTML contents in a more user friendly way. The editor control is very flexible and it's built for integration purposes for example usage within systems like Intranets, CMS, LMS and so forth.</p>
		TinyMCE is developed by <a href="http://www.moxiecode.com">Moxiecode Systems AB</a> and is currently released under the &quot;LGPL&quot; license, read the license agreement for details.
				<li>Easy to integrate, takes only a couple lines of code.</li>
				<li>Theme and template support.</li>
				<li>Easy to extend with custom code. (Plugins and callbacks)</li>
				<li>Customizable HTML output. Block elements and force attributes.</li>
				<li>International language support (Language packs).</li>
				<li>Multiple browser support, currently Mozilla (PC, Mac and Linux), MSIE (PC) and FireFox (PC, Mac and Linux) and some limited Safari support.</li>

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	<div class="helpindexlink"><a href="index.html">Index</a></div>
	<div class="copyright">Copyright &copy; 2003-2006 <a href="http://www.moxiecode.com">Moxiecode Systems AB</a></div>
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