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<title>Syndication Settings</title>
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<h1>Syndication Settings</h1>
<p align="center" width="550" border="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" height="299"><table class="hs_table"><tbody><tr><td class="hs_header01"><p><strong>Syndication Settings</strong></p></td></tr><tr><td class="hs_header02"></td></tr></tbody></table></p><p class="auto"  align="left">To&nbsp;syndicate your site is&nbsp;to make the Content Items from your Web&nbsp;site assigned to the FrontPage Component&nbsp; available for&nbsp;syndication via&nbsp;a&nbsp;distributable file. Other site owners can display this information in their web sites.</p><p class="auto"  align="left"><strong>Cache:</strong> Yes&nbsp;or&nbsp;No? Choose the&nbsp;'Yes' radio button to&nbsp;create and&nbsp;display a&nbsp;new News Feed dependant on&nbsp;the value set&nbsp;in&nbsp;the Cache Time field. Choose the&nbsp;'No' radio button to&nbsp;display a&nbsp;new News Feed each time an&nbsp;item is&nbsp;added to&nbsp;the FrontPage Component and&nbsp;each time the&nbsp;News Feed is&nbsp;accessed by&nbsp;another server. <br /><strong><br /><span style="COLOR: rgb(255,0,0)">Warning:</span></strong> Setting Cache to&nbsp;'No' will cause your News Feed to&nbsp;be checked every time someone visits any&nbsp;site where your News Feed is&nbsp;syndicated. This can&nbsp;potentially cause excessive bandwidth usage as&nbsp;well as&nbsp;extreme draw on&nbsp;your server resources.<br /><br /><strong>Cache Time</strong>: This is&nbsp;the number of&nbsp;seconds before your site's database is&nbsp;checked for&nbsp;updates. The&nbsp;default in&nbsp;Mambo is&nbsp;3600 seconds, or&nbsp;60 minutes. After this time has&nbsp;elapsed, the&nbsp;News Feed will refresh itself from your database thus displaying any&nbsp;new items you&nbsp;have published&nbsp; through the FrontPage Component to&nbsp;your News Feed.</p><a  name="p310-5"></a><p class="auto"  align="left"><strong>#Items:</strong> Type the&nbsp;number of&nbsp;items you&nbsp;would like to&nbsp;syndicate and&nbsp;display in&nbsp;your News Feed. <strong></strong><br /><br /><strong>Title:</strong> Type the&nbsp;title you&nbsp;wish to&nbsp;display above your articles within your syndicated News Feed when it&nbsp;is displayed on&nbsp;those sites and&nbsp;pages which syndicate your News Feed. The title will appear as a link to your site.<br /><br /><strong>Description:</strong> Type a&nbsp;brief statement to&nbsp;describe your News Feed. If none is entered, it will default to &quot;Mambo site syndication&quot;.<br /><br /><strong>Image:</strong> Select an&nbsp;image from the&nbsp;<span class="nobr">drop-down</span> menu to&nbsp;be included in&nbsp;your News Feed.&nbsp; If you do not have an image, you can upload one via the Media Manager.<br /><br /><strong>Image Alt:</strong> Type the&nbsp;text for&nbsp;the “alt” tag&nbsp;to&nbsp;compliment the&nbsp;image you've selected for&nbsp;inclusion in&nbsp;the News Feed via&nbsp;the Image <span class="nobr">drop-down</span> menu.<br /><br /><strong>Limit Text:</strong> Yes&nbsp;or&nbsp;No? Choose the&nbsp;'Yes' radio button if&nbsp;you wish to&nbsp;limit the&nbsp;Text Length field. Choose the&nbsp;'No' radio button to&nbsp;force the&nbsp;value in&nbsp;the Text Length field to&nbsp;be ignored, thus displaying the&nbsp;entire contents of&nbsp;each item.<a name="p310-11"></a></p><p class="auto"  align="left"><strong>Text Length:</strong> Type the&nbsp;number of&nbsp;words to&nbsp;display per&nbsp;News Feed item. <br /><strong>NOTE:</strong> The&nbsp;Limit Text radio button must be&nbsp;set to&nbsp;'YES' to&nbsp;activate this function.<br /></p><p class="auto"  align="left"><strong>Order</strong>: Order that the items -as listed in the FrontPage Manager- will be displayed. <br /></p><ul><li><span >'Default': Arranges items according to the order set in the FrontPage Manager.</span></li><li><span >'FrontPage Ordering': Same as above.</span></li><li><span >'Oldest first': Arranges items in chronological order, with the oldest items first.</span></li><li><span >'Most recent first': Arranges items in chronological order, with the newest items first.</span></li><li><span >'Title Alphabetical': Arranges items by title in alphabetical order.</span></li><li><span >'Title Reverse-Alphabetical': Arranges items in reverse-alphabetical order.</span></li><li><span >'Author Alphabetical': Arranges items by author in alphabetical order.</span></li><li><span >'Author Reverse-Alphabetical': Arranges items by author in reverse alphabetical order.</span></li><li><span >'Most Hits': Arranges items according to the number of hits, with the items with the most hits first.</span></li><li><span >'Least Hits': Arranges items according to the number of hits, with the items with the least hits first.</span></li></ul><span ><br /><strong>Live Bookmarks</strong>: Activate support for Firefox Live Bookmark functionality.<br />Bookmark File: Special file name. If none is entered, will use the default file.</span> </body>
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