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<title>News Feeds Manager</title>
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<h1>News Feeds Manager</h1>
<p align="center" width="550" border="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" height="299"><table class="hs_table"><tbody><tr><td class="hs_header01"><p><strong>News Feeds Manager</strong></p></td></tr><tr><td class="hs_header02"></td></tr></tbody></table></p><p><span >This page displays a list of the News Feeds you may provide to the users of your site.</span><br  /><span >These Newsfeeds may be displayed through a Menu Item link.</span><br /><br />Alternatively, you may also display News Feeds individually through the Custom/User Module.<br /></p><h3><span >Toolbar Icons</span></h3><p><span >You &quot;select&quot; News Feeds by clicking the checkbox at the start of each row.</span><br  /><span >&nbsp;</span><br  /><span ><strong>Publish and Unpublish</strong>: Click the 'Publish' or 'Unpublish' icon to publish or unpublish any number of selected News Feeds.</span><br  /><br  /><span ><strong>New</strong>: Click the 'New' icon to create a new News Feed.</span><br  /><span >&nbsp;</span><br  /><span ><strong>Edit</strong>: Click the 'Edit' icon to edit the News Feed.</span><br  /><span >&nbsp;</span><br  /><span ><strong>Delete</strong>: Click the 'Delete' icon to delete one or multiple Newfeeds.</span></p><h3><span ></span><span >Columns</span></h3><p><span ><strong>News Feed</strong>:&nbsp; Name of the News Feed as it appears on your site. If you click on this name, you may edit the related parameters. A padlock icon next to it shows that it is checked-out. To check-in, click the name to edit ,</span><br  /><br  /><span ><strong>Published</strong>: This shows whether the News Feed is published or unpublished. By clicking on the icon, you may switch its state.</span><br  /><br  /><span ><strong>Reorder</strong>: This shows the order of News Feeds in the list. Click the arrow icons to move the item up or down in the list. This ordering may be changed by editing the related Menu Item parameters.</span><br  /><br  /><span ><strong>Category</strong>: This is the category the News Feed belongs to. Click to edit.</span><br  /><br  /><span ><strong>#Articles</strong>: This shows the number of Articles to display on your site as defined in the parameters for the News Feed.</span><br  /><br  /><span ><strong>Cache time</strong>: This is the time between refreshes as defined in the parameters for the News Feed.</span><br /></p><br />
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