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<title>Media Manager</title>
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<h1>Media Manager</h1>
<p>The Media Manager enables you upload, delete and organise your media files within Mambo for use in various articles on your Web site. Media Manager, views only files under the /images/stories directory. If you need to upload media files in other location you have to do it through FTP.</p>
<p><strong>Directory</strong>: The drop down box displayes the folder you are in. A forward slash (/) denotes you are in the root or top of the Media Manager directory structure. As root is considered the /images/stories directory. You can use to navigate. Alternatively you can click on any folder icon, displayed bellow as&nbsp;thumbnail.</p><p><strong>Upload</strong>: Enter the files location or click the 'Browse' button and select the file that you want to upload from your PC or workstation. Next, in the 'Directory' drop down box, select the directory that you wish to upload the file to and click the '<strong>Upload</strong>' icon. A message confirming the success of the upload will display and the file will appear in the Media Manager gallery window.</p><p><strong>Code</strong>: Clicking the thumbnail image or the pencil icon under it in the Media Manager window will enter the hyperlink code in the 'Code' text field. This can copied for pasting, for example, into a News item or other item appearing on the Frontend of your Web site.</p><p><strong>Create Directory</strong>: Enter a name for the new directory in the 'Create Directory' text box and click the '<strong>Create</strong>' icon on the toolbar. The new directory will be created and will be available for storing files.</p><p><strong>Delete</strong>: To delete a file or a directory, click the 'Trash Can' icon under the image of the file in the Media Manager window. A directory must be empty before it can be deleted.</p></body>
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