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<title>Install/Uninstall a Language File or Template</title>
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<h1>Install/Uninstall a Language File or Template</h1>

<p align="right"><br />-- Draft version</p>There are two ways to install a Language file or a Template using the Mambo administration system.<p>To Upload a Language file or Template:<br />Providing you have GZip support with PHP, you will be able to upload a zipped package file that will be automatically installed to your server. &quot;Browse&quot; to the location of the element on your computer. Then click the &quot;Upload File &amp; Install&quot; icon.<br /><br />To Install From a Directory:<br />If you don't have GZip support then you may upload an unpacked archive to your host's server. Type the location of this file (it must be the absolute location) then click the 'Install' icon. <br /><br />To Uninstall:<br />If you want to delete any language go to the menu item Site-&gt; Language Manager-&gt; Site Languages and use the &quot;Delete&quot; icon.&nbsp; <br /><br />If you want to delete any template go to menu item SIte-&gt;Template Manager-&gt; Site Templates or -&gt;Administrator Templates and use the &quot;Delete&quot; icon. </p><p />
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