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<title>Banner Manager : New / Edit</title>
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<h1>Banner Manager : New / Edit</h1>
<p>This page allow you to create or edit a banner's details.</p>
<h3><span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Toolbar Icons</span></h3><p><strong>Upload</strong>: Opens a new window which lets you upload an image from your computer to the images/banners folder.<br /><br /><strong>Save</strong>: Saves the content and returns to Manager.<br /><br /><strong>Close</strong>: Cancels the action. Any modification is lost. If opened to edit, the banner remains checked-in.</p><h3><span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Details</span></h3><p><strong>Banner Name</strong>: Type here the name for the Banner.<br /><br /><strong>Client Name</strong>: Select from the list of configured clients.<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>Impressions Purchased</strong>: Enter the number of times to display to banner into the input field, or tick the &quot;Unlimited&quot; checkbox for unlimited display.<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>Banner URL</strong>: Select the banner image to be displayed from the list of available banners. Images need to be stored in the &quot;images/banners&quot; folder to be available for selection here. The selected image will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>Show Banner</strong>: Select Yes or No.<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>Click URL</strong>: Enter here the full URL to the page which should open when the banner is clicked on.<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>Custom banner code</strong>:&nbsp; You may enter here some code (See Developper Manual for more information).<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>Clicks</strong>: &quot;Reset Clicks&quot; button: clicking this button will reset the click count shown on the right for the banner to 0.<br /><br /><strong>Banner Image</strong>: Image selected under &quot;Banner URL&quot; is displayed here for your convenience.<br /><br /></p>


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