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  Script: Maian Support v2.0
  Written by: David Ian Bennett
  E-Mail: hide@address.com
  Software Website: http://www.maiansupport.com
  Script Portal: http://www.maianscriptworld.co.uk

  This File: english.php
  Description: English Language File


 * LANGUAGE FILE - PLEASE READ                                                                        *
 * This is a language file for the Maian Support script. Edit it to suit your own preferences.        *
 * DO NOT edit the $lang[] variable names in any way and be careful NOT to remove any of the          *
 * apostrophe`s (') that contain the variable info. This will cause the script to malfunction.        *
 * USING APOSTROPHES IN MESSAGES                                                                      *
 * If you need to use an apostrophe, escape it with a backslash. ie: d\'apostrophe                    *  
 * SYSTEM VARIABLES                                                                                   *
 * Single letter variables with a percentage sign are system variables. ie: %d, %s {%d} etc           *
 * The system will not fail if you accidentally delete these, but some language may not display       *
 * correctly.                                                                                         *                                                                            *

  For encoding HTML characters
  Unless specified in language file,
   this may not need altering.

$msg_charset            = 'iso-8859-1';

// Must be a character set supported by htmlentities
// http://uk2.php.net/htmlentities
$msg_entitiesdecode     = 'iso-8859-1'; 

// Email piping default charset..
$msg_pipe_charset       = 'utf-8';


$msg_header             = '{website}'; 
$msg_header2            = 'Logout'; 
$msg_header3            = 'My Tickets';
$msg_header4            = 'Search Tickets';
$msg_header5            = 'Enter Keywords or Ticket ID';


$msg_main               = 'View Existing Tickets';
$msg_main2              = 'Open New Support Ticket';
$msg_main3              = 'E-Mail Address';
$msg_main4              = 'Password';
$msg_main5              = 'View Tickets';
$msg_main6              = 'Continue';
$msg_main7              = 'Invalid E-Mail..Please Try Again..';
$msg_main8              = 'No Account Found..Please Try Again..';
$msg_main9              = 'Forgot Password? Click Here';
$msg_main10             = 'View Knowledge Base';
$msg_main11             = 'View';
$msg_main12             = '[{website}] Your New Password - Please Read';
$msg_main13             = 'Invalid E-Mail Address..Try Again..';
$msg_main14             = 'No Account Found..Try Again..';
$msg_main15             = 'Your new ticket has been created. If this is your first ticket, a password has been e-mailed to you to access your ticket portal.<br /><br />If you already have a password, please log in to your portal using the boxes provided. Thank you.';


$msg_pkbase             = 'Search Knowledge Base';
$msg_pkbase2            = 'Enter Keywords';
$msg_pkbase3            = 'Search';
$msg_pkbase4            = 'Categories';
$msg_pkbase5            = 'Most Popular {count} Questions';
$msg_pkbase6            = 'Search Results';
$msg_pkbase7            = 'Search Help';
$msg_pkbase8            = 'No entries found in knowledge base.';
$msg_pkbase9            = 'No results found for search: <b>{search}</b>';
$msg_pkbase10           = 'No categories found in knowledge base.';
$msg_pkbase11           = 'Date Added: {date}';
$msg_pkbase12           = 'Did you find this article helpful?';
$msg_pkbase13           = 'Article Help?';
$msg_pkbase14           = 'Search Help';
$msg_pkbase15           = '<span class="term">apple banana</span>
                           <span class="explain">Find results that contain at least one of the two words.</span>
                           <span class="term">+apple +juice</span>
                           <span class="explain">Find results that contain both words.</span>
                           <span class="term">&quot;some words&quot; (In quotes)</span>
                           <span class="explain">Find results that contain the exact phrase &#096;some words&#096;</span>
$msg_pkbase16           = 'Close Search Help';  
$msg_pkbase17           = 'Add to Favourites';
$msg_pkbase18           = 'Print Article';                         


$msg_portal             = 'Welcome Back';
$msg_portal2            = 'Ticket Portal';
$msg_portal3            = 'Update Password';
$msg_portal4            = 'Enter New Password (Min {min} Chars)';
$msg_portal5            = 'Welcome to your support ticket portal. Here you can view previous tickets as well as existing ones. We recommend you change your password from
                           time to time for security.<br /><br />You currently have <span class="highlight"><b>{open}</b></span> <a href="?p=portal">open</a> ticket(s).';
$msg_portal6            = 'Your Tickets ({count})';
$msg_portal7            = 'You currently have 0 tickets to display. Previous tickets may have been deleted.';
$msg_portal8            = 'View Ticket';
$msg_portal9            = 'Opened';
$msg_portal10           = 'Priority';
$msg_portal11           = 'Department';
$msg_portal12           = 'Status';
$msg_portal13           = 'My Tickets';
$msg_portal14           = 'Password Too Short..Min {min} Chars..';
$msg_portal15           = 'Ticket Closed';
$msg_portal16           = 'Open New Ticket';
$msg_portal17           = 'Thank You - New Ticket Created';
$msg_portal18           = 'Your new ticket has been created and is shown below.<br /><br />You currently have <span class="highlight"><b>{open}</b></span> open tickets.<br /><br /><a href="?p=portal" title="Continue">Continue</a>..';
$msg_portal19           = 'Replies';
$msg_portal20           = 'Search Results ({count})';
$msg_portal21           = 'Your search generated 0 results.';
$msg_portal22           = 'Password Successfully Updated!';
$msg_portal23           = 'Your password has successfully been updated.<br /><br />Your new password is: <b>{password}</b><br /><br /><a href="?p=portal" title="Continue">Continue</a>..';


$msg_newticket          = 'Open New Ticket';
$msg_newticket2         = 'Please use the form below to open a new support ticket.<br /><br /><span class="highlight">Note that a password will be assigned to you if this is your first ticket. This can be changed later if required.</span>';
$msg_newticket3         = 'Your Name';
$msg_newticket4         = 'E-Mail Address';
$msg_newticket5         = 'Comments';
$msg_newticket6         = 'Department';
$msg_newticket7         = 'Comments';
$msg_newticket8         = 'Priority';
$msg_newticket9         = 'Low';
$msg_newticket10        = 'Medium';
$msg_newticket11        = 'High';
$msg_newticket12        = 'Submit Ticket';
$msg_newticket13        = 'Open New Ticket';
$msg_newticket14        = 'Attachment(s)';
$msg_newticket15        = 'Subject';
$msg_newticket16        = 'Please include your name...';
$msg_newticket17        = 'Please include a valid e-mail address...';
$msg_newticket18        = 'Please include a subject heading...';
$msg_newticket19        = 'Please include some comments...';
$msg_newticket20        = 'One or more attachment files too big..Check and try again...';
$msg_newticket21        = 'One or more attachment files invalid file type..Check and try again...';
$msg_newticket22        = '[#{ticket}] New Support Ticket';
$msg_newticket23        = '[#{ticket}] New Support Ticket';
$msg_newticket24        = 'Security sum incorrect. Please try again...';
$msg_newticket25        = '(Max: {limit})';
$msg_newticket26        = 'For Spam Prevention, please complete the following simple sum:';
$msg_newticket27        = 'Invalid Department..Check and try again..';
$msg_newticket28        = 'Invalid Priority..Check and try again..';
$msg_newticket29        = 'New Support Ticket';
$msg_newticket30        = 'Please use the form below to open a new support ticket.';


$msg_showticket         = 'Details';
$msg_showticket2        = 'No Ticket Found!';
$msg_showticket3        = 'There are currently 0 replies to this ticket. A member of staff will respond as soon as possible.';
$msg_showticket4        = 'Viewing Ticket: #{ticket}';
$msg_showticket5        = 'Close Ticket - Do you wish to close this ticket after this response?';
$msg_showticket6        = 'Attach Another File';
$msg_showticket7        = 'Your response has been added. A further response will follow shortly.';
$msg_showticket8        = 'Response Added, Thank you!';
$msg_showticket9        = 'Name';
$msg_showticket10       = 'E-Mail';
$msg_showticket11       = 'Department';
$msg_showticket12       = 'Ticket Date/Time';
$msg_showticket13       = 'Logged IPs';
$msg_showticket14       = 'Status';
$msg_showticket15       = 'Details';
$msg_showticket16       = 'Priority';
$msg_showticket17       = 'Add Reply';
$msg_showticket18       = 'Ticket ID';
$msg_showticket19       = '#{ticket}';
$msg_showticket20       = 'This ticket currently has 0 replies.';
$msg_showticket21       = 'Reply by';
$msg_showticket22       = '{count} attachment(s)';
$msg_showticket23       = 'Open';
$msg_showticket24       = 'Closed';
$msg_showticket25       = '[#{ticket}] Support Ticket Updated by Visitor';
$msg_showticket26       = 'Add Reply &amp; Re-Open Ticket'; 


$msg_adheader              = 'Administration';
$msg_adheader2             = 'Settings';
$msg_adheader3             = 'Departments';
$msg_adheader4             = 'Users';
$msg_adheader5             = 'Open Tickets';
$msg_adheader6             = 'Closed Tickets';
$msg_adheader7             = 'Search Tickets';
$msg_adheader8             = 'Questions & Answers';
$msg_adheader9             = 'Purchase Full Version';
$msg_adheader10            = 'Logout';
$msg_adheader11            = 'Dashboard';
$msg_adheader12            = 'Support';
$msg_adheader13            = 'Standard Responses';
$msg_adheader14            = 'Tickets';
$msg_adheader15            = 'Tools';
$msg_adheader16            = 'Categories';
$msg_adheader17            = 'Knowledge Base';
$msg_adheader18            = 'System Tools';
$msg_adheader19            = 'Import Options';
$msg_adheader20            = 'Entry Log';
$msg_adheader21            = 'Portal Options';
$msg_adheader22            = 'No Access';
$msg_adheader23            = 'Send Message to Other Users';


$msg_dept                  = 'Add';
$msg_dept2                 = 'Add New Department';
$msg_dept3                 = 'Delete';
$msg_dept4                 = 'Current Departments';
$msg_dept5                 = 'Update Department';
$msg_dept6                 = 'Edit';
$msg_dept7                 = 'Department Successfully Added!';
$msg_dept8                 = 'There are currently 0 departments in the database.';
$msg_dept9                 = 'Assign different departments to your ticket system. Examples: Technical Support, Billing, Sales etc etc..<br /><br /><b>NOTE:</b> Deleting departments also removes all users from that department.';
$msg_dept10                = 'Update';
$msg_dept11                = 'Cancel';
$msg_dept12                = 'Department Successfully Updated!';
$msg_dept13                = 'Department Successfully Deleted!';


$msg_home                  = 'Welcome to Maian Support, a FREE help desk ticket system written in PHP &amp; MYSQL.<br /><br />For details on how to get started with your support system, please see the <a href="../docs/index.html" onclick="window.open(this);return false">documentation</a>. Hover your cursor
                              over any help tips you see in the administration area for assistance. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please use the support link above.<br /><br />To edit this message, open the following in a text editor:<br /><b>lang/english.php</b><br /><br />Maian Support is encoded software and has <a href="http://www.maiansupport.com/features.html" onclick="window.open(this);return false">limited features</a> in the free version, which are detailed on the <a href="http://www.maiansupport.com" onclick="window.open(this);return false">Maian Support</a> website. The commercial upgrade includes
                              all features enabled as well as copyright removal. If this interests you, click the purchase link top right for more information.<br /><br />Thank you and I hope you enjoy this software.<br /><br />David Ian Bennett<br /><span class="smalltext">(Lead Developer/Designer)</span>';
$msg_home2                 = 'System Overview';
$msg_home3                 = 'Ticket Overview';
$msg_home4                 = 'New Tickets (No Replies)';
$msg_home5                 = 'Open Tickets (Awaiting Admin)';
$msg_home6                 = 'Open Tickets (Awaiting Visitor)';
$msg_home7                 = 'Closed Tickets';
$msg_home8                 = '<span class="highlight">{users}</span> Users in <span class="highlight">{dept}</span> Departments';
$msg_home9                 = '<span class="highlight">{responses}</span> Standard Responses';
$msg_home10                = '<span class="highlight">{questions}</span> KB Questions in <span class="highlight">{cats}</span> Categories';
$msg_home11                = 'Error - You do not have permission to view the selected page.';
$msg_home12                = 'Ticket Statistics (ALL)';
$msg_home13                = 'Last 7 Days';
$msg_home14                = 'Last {count} Weeks';
$msg_home15                = 'Last Month';
$msg_home16                = 'Last {count} Months';
$msg_home17                = 'Last Year';
$msg_home18                = 'Filter';
$msg_home19                = 'All';
$msg_home20                = 'There is no ticket data to display!';
$msg_home21                = 'Tickets';
$msg_home22                = 'Replies';
$msg_home23                = 'WARNING! Please remove or rename the \'install\' directory';
$msg_home24                = 'MESSAGE! Don`t forget to update the \'ENABLE_MYSQL_ERRORS\' option in the connection file to disable showing MySQL errors. 
                              You should always disable this and show a default message. This message is a kindly reminder and will disappear once the option is updated.';
$msg_home25                = 'Welcome to Maian Support, a help desk ticket system written in PHP &amp; MYSQL.<br /><br />For details on how to get started with your support system, please see the <a href="../docs/index.html" onclick="window.open(this);return false">documentation</a>. Hover your cursor
                              over any help tips you see in the administration area for assistance. If you still experiencing difficulties, please use the support link above.<br /><br />To edit this message, open the following in a text editor:<br /><b>lang/english.php</b><br /><br />I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for purchasing a commercial licence and supporting my software. As always, I am open to improvements and feedback. If you can think of anything that might be useful in a future version, please let me know.<br /><br />I hope you enjoy this help desk system.<br /><br />David Ian Bennett<br /><span class="smalltext">(Lead Developer/Designer)</span>';


$msg_kbasecats             = 'Category Successfully Added!';
$msg_kbasecats2            = 'Add New Category';
$msg_kbasecats3            = 'Delete';
$msg_kbasecats4            = 'Current Categories';
$msg_kbasecats5            = 'Update Category';
$msg_kbasecats6            = 'Edit';
$msg_kbasecats7            = 'Category Successfully Updated!';
$msg_kbasecats8            = 'There are currently 0 categories in the database.';
$msg_kbasecats9            = 'Knowledge base questions/answers are grouped into categories. Manage categories below.<br /><br /><b>NOTE:</b> Deleting category also removes all questions from that category.';
$msg_kbasecats10           = 'Update';
$msg_kbasecats11           = 'Cancel';
$msg_kbasecats12           = 'Category Successfully Deleted!';


$msg_kbase                 = 'Question';
$msg_kbase2                = 'Answer';
$msg_kbase3                = 'Add New Question';
$msg_kbase4                = 'Current Questions';
$msg_kbase5                = 'Category';
$msg_kbase6                = 'All Categories';
$msg_kbase7                = 'Question Successfully Added!';
$msg_kbase8                = 'Question Successfully Updated!';
$msg_kbase9                = 'There are currently 0 questions/answers in the knowledge base.';
$msg_kbase10               = 'Question Successfully Deleted!';
$msg_kbase12               = 'Preview';
$msg_kbase13               = 'Update Question';
$msg_kbase14               = 'The knowledge base enables you to add some frequently asked questions into the system and group them into the various <a href="?p=kbase-cat">categories</a>. Users can see the knowledge base on the main ticket page and see if their question has already been answered.<br /><br />Enable the knowledge base in the <a href="?p=settings">settings</a>. You can <a href="?p=import">batch add</a> knowledge base entries for quickness. HTML may be used if required.';
$msg_kbase15               = 'Summary';
$msg_kbase16               = 'Add Category';
$msg_kbase17               = 'Category Name';
$msg_kbase18               = '{count} Votes - ({helpful}% Helpful, {nothelpful}% Not Helpful)';
$msg_kbase19               = 'Reset Counts';
$msg_kbase20               = 'Reset ALL Counts';
$msg_kbase21               = 'Counts Reset for Question';
$msg_kbase22               = 'Counts Reset for ALL Questions';
$msg_kbase23               = '(In Category: {category})';


$msg_purchase              = 'If you would like show your support for this software and enjoy the benefits of the commercial version of Maian Support, including copyright removal, please consider purchasing a licence. This
                              unlocks the software and all future upgrades are FREE. To upgrade please complete the following:<br /><br />
                              <b>1</b> - Please visit the <a href="http://www.maiansupport.com" title="Maian Support" onclick="window.open(this);return false">Maian Support Website</a> and use the &quot;Purchase&quot; option.<br /><br />
                              <b>2</b> - Once payment has been completed you will be redirected to the Maian Script World Licence Centre. If you aren`t directed there after payment, wait awhile for the confirmation e-mail and click the link.<br /><br />
                              <b>3</b> - Generate your \'licence.lic\' licence file using the onscreen instructions. To generate a licence file you will need the unique product key shown below. The loader version may also be required for some versions:
                              <span class="key">ionCube Loader Version: {ioncube}</span>
                              <span class="key">{licence_key}</span>
                              <b>4</b> - Upload the \'licence.lic\' file into your support installation folder and replace the default one.<br /><br />
                              <b>5</b> - Select &quot;Settings>Edit Footers&quot; from the above menu. (This is hidden in the free version).';


$msg_log                   = 'Here you can view your admin entry log. This logs an entry each time a user logs into the system.';
$msg_log2                  = 'Clear Log';
$msg_log3                  = 'Export Log';
$msg_log4                  = 'There are currently 0 entries in the log.';
$msg_log5                  = 'Log File Successfully Cleared!';


$msg_messenger             = 'Use the box below to send an e-mail to all other users of the support team.';
$msg_messenger2            = 'Send Message';
$msg_messenger3            = 'Copy Message to <b>{email}</b>?';
$msg_messenger4            = 'Message Successfully Sent!';
$msg_messenger5            = 'Message from Support Team: {user}';
$msg_messenger6            = '[Copy] Message from Support Team: {user}';


$msg_response              = 'Title';
$msg_response2             = 'Answer';
$msg_response3             = 'Add New Response';
$msg_response4             = 'Current Responses';
$msg_response5             = 'Department';
$msg_response6             = 'All Departments';
$msg_response7             = 'Response Successfully Added!';
$msg_response8             = 'Response Successfully Updated!';
$msg_response9             = 'There are currently 0 standard responses in the database.';
$msg_response10            = 'Response Successfully Deleted!';
$msg_response12            = 'Preview';
$msg_response13            = 'Update Response';
$msg_response14            = 'Standard responses are a huge time saving option enabling you to store pre-defined responses. When answering a ticket, rather than typing the same messages, you can select a standard response. Standard responses can
                              be available for ALL departments or allocated to individual ones only if required. See the docs for more information. HTML may be used if required.';
$msg_response15            = '(In Department: {dept})';


$msg_systemportal          = 'Enter E-Mail Address';
$msg_systemportal2         = 'Enter New Password';
$msg_systemportal3         = 'Reset Portal Password';
$msg_systemportal4         = 'Here you can reset passwords for visitors or move visitor tickets from one e-mail account to another. If you move tickets to another e-mail account, the source account will be removed and all tickets will be associated with the new address. E-mail addresses must exist in the system and cannot be random.';
$msg_systemportal5         = 'Send E-Mail';
$msg_systemportal6         = 'Move Tickets to Another E-Mail Account';
$msg_systemportal7         = 'Enter E-Mail Address - Source';
$msg_systemportal8         = 'Enter E-Mail Address - Destination';
$msg_systemportal9         = 'Update';
$msg_systemportal10        = 'Move';
$msg_systemportal11        = 'Password Successfully Reset!';
$msg_systemportal12        = 'E-Mail Address Not Found..';
$msg_systemportal13        = '{count} Tickets Successfully Moved!';
$msg_systemportal14        = '[{website}] Your Tickets Have Been Moved';
$msg_systemportal15        = 'Export Portal Data to CSV';
$msg_systemportal16        = 'Export Name';
$msg_systemportal17        = 'Export E-Mail Address';
$msg_systemportal18        = 'Export';


$msg_import                = 'Batch Import Standard Responses';
$msg_import2               = 'Batch Import Knowledge Base Entries';
$msg_import3               = 'Here you have a couple of batch routines that enable you to get the system up and running much faster. Files must be CSV format and formatted correctly. See documentation or view example CSV files.';
$msg_import4               = 'Clear Existing';
$msg_import5               = 'Locate CSV File';
$msg_import6               = 'Lines to Read';
$msg_import7               = 'Delimited by';
$msg_import8               = 'Enclosed by';
$msg_import9               = 'Import Standard Responses';
$msg_import10              = 'Categories';
$msg_import11              = 'Import Knowledge Base Entries';
$msg_import12              = 'All Categories';
$msg_import13              = '{count} Standard Responses Successfully Imported!';
$msg_import14              = '{count} Knowledge Base Entries Successfully Imported!';
$msg_import15              = 'Example CSV';


$msg_login                 = 'Administration Login';
$msg_login2                = 'Password';
$msg_login3                = 'Remember Me?';
$msg_login4                = 'No account found...please try again..';
$msg_login5                = 'Enter';
$msg_login6                = 'Please enter your valid email..';
$msg_login7                = 'Please enter your password..';
$msg_login8                = 'E-Mail Address';


$msg_merge                 = 'Select Parent Ticket - Click Button to Load'; 
$msg_merge2                = 'New Parent Ticket'; 


$msg_open                  = 'There are currently <span class="highlight">{count}</span> open tickets. Use filters where applicable. Click buttons to reply.';
$msg_open2                 = 'All Departments';
$msg_open3                 = 'All Statuses';
$msg_open4                 = 'Low Priority';
$msg_open5                 = 'Medium Priority';
$msg_open6                 = 'High Priority';
$msg_open7                 = 'View Ticket';
$msg_open8                 = '<span class="highlight">#{ticket}</span> | Opened: <span class="highlight">{date}</span> | Priority: <span class="highlight">{priority}</span> | Dept: <span class="highlight">{dept}</span> | Replies: <span class="highlight">{replies}</span> | Status: <span class="highlight">{status}</span>';
$msg_open9                 = 'From';
$msg_open10                = 'There are currently no tickets to display.';
$msg_open11                = 'Open - Awaiting Admin Response';
$msg_open12                = 'Open - Awaiting Visitor Response';
$msg_open13                = 'Closed &amp; Resolved';
$msg_open14                = 'Permanently Closed &amp; Resolved';
$msg_open15                = 'Delete Selected Tickets';
$msg_open16                = 'Selected Ticket(s) Deleted!';
$msg_open17                = 'There are currently <span class="highlight">{count}</span> closed tickets. Use filters where applicable. Use checkboxes to delete.<br /><br />Closed tickets must be re-opened to add new replies.';
$msg_open18                = 'Check All';
$msg_open19                = 'Re-Open';
$msg_open20                = 'Ticket Successfully Re-Opened!';
$msg_open21                = 'Selected Tickets Successfully Deleted!';


$msg_search                = 'Search your tickets below. At least one field must be specified.';
$msg_search2               = 'Search Tickets';
$msg_search3               = 'Keywords or Ticket ID';
$msg_search4               = 'Department';
$msg_search5               = 'Priority';
$msg_search6               = 'Search Results';
$msg_search7               = 'Date From/To';
$msg_search8               = 'Ticket Status';
$msg_search9               = 'Please specify some search parameters..';
$msg_search10              = 'No results found for the specified search parameters.';
$msg_search11              = 'Results Per Page';


$msg_settings              = 'Enable Knowledge Base';
$msg_settings2             = 'PHP Date Format';
$msg_settings3             = 'Enable Attachments';
$msg_settings4             = 'Allowable File Extensions';
$msg_settings5             = 'Max Size for Attachments';
$msg_settings6             = 'Software Language';
$msg_settings7             = 'Update Settings';
$msg_settings8             = 'Settings Successfully Updated!';
$msg_settings9             = 'Help Desk Name';
$msg_settings10            = 'These are the program settings. Update them to suit your preferences. Hover your cursor over the help tips for assistance.';
$msg_settings11            = 'Enable Spam Sum';
$msg_settings12            = 'Time Offset';
$msg_settings13            = 'Auto Close Tickets';
$msg_settings14            = 'Days';
$msg_settings15            = 'Enable SMTP';
$msg_settings16            = 'SMTP Host';
$msg_settings17            = 'SMTP Username';
$msg_settings18            = 'SMTP Password';
$msg_settings19            = 'SMTP Port';
$msg_settings20            = 'HTTP Installation Path';
$msg_settings21            = 'E-Mail \'From\' Address';
$msg_settings22            = 'General Settings';
$msg_settings23            = 'Attachments';
$msg_settings24            = 'SMTP Settings';
$msg_settings25            = 'Total Attachment Boxes';
$msg_settings26            = 'MySQL Date Format';
$msg_settings27            = 'Server Path to Attachments Folder';
$msg_settings28            = 'Auto Create Hyperlinks';
$msg_settings29            = 'Knowledge Base';
$msg_settings30            = 'Admin Folder Name';
$msg_settings31            = 'Portal Tickets Per Page';
$msg_settings32            = 'Enable Multiple Votes';
$msg_settings33            = 'Total Popular Questions';
$msg_settings34            = 'Cookie Duration (in Days)';
$msg_settings35            = 'IMAP Settings (To create tickets via E-mail)';
$msg_settings36            = 'Show Calculator';
$msg_settings37            = 'Enable E-Mail Piping';
$msg_settings38            = 'Mailbox Protocol';
$msg_settings39            = 'Pop3';
$msg_settings40            = 'Imap';
$msg_settings41            = 'Mailbox Host';
$msg_settings42            = 'Mailbox User';
$msg_settings43            = 'Mailbox Password';
$msg_settings44            = 'Mailbox Port';
$msg_settings45            = 'Mailbox Name';
$msg_settings46            = 'Mailbox Flags';
$msg_settings47            = 'Accept Attachments';
$msg_settings48            = 'Delete Messages After Reading';
$msg_settings49            = 'Maximum Messages to Fetch';
$msg_settings50            = 'Enable SSL';
$msg_settings51            = 'Assign to Department';
$msg_settings52            = 'Default Priority';
$msg_settings53            = 'hours';
$msg_settings54            = 'Admin Footer';
$msg_settings55            = 'Public Footer';
$msg_settings56            = 'Edit Footers';
$msg_settings57            = 'Enable Voting System';
$msg_settings58            = 'Imap Reply-to E-Mail Address';


$msg_tools                 = 'This feature enables you to purge certain data from the system that is a certain amount of days old. This can be useful if you have lots of data and need to do a clean up. Note that this action is irreversible.';
$msg_tools2                = 'Purge Closed Tickets X Days Old';
$msg_tools3                = 'Days Old';
$msg_tools4                = 'Purge';
$msg_tools5                = 'Clear attachments';
$msg_tools6                = 'Clear attachments only X days old';
$msg_tools7                = 'Department';
$msg_tools8                = '{count} Ticket(s), {count2} Reply/Replies, {count3} Attachment(s) Successfully Deleted!';
$msg_tools9                = '{count} Attachment(s) Successfully Deleted!';
$msg_tools10               = 'All Departments';


$msg_user                  = 'Real Name';
$msg_user2                 = 'Add New User';
$msg_user3                 = 'Current Users';
$msg_user4                 = 'Login E-Mail';
$msg_user5                 = 'Department Access';
$msg_user6                 = 'User Successfully Added!';
$msg_user7                 = 'Name';
$msg_user8                 = 'Department';
$msg_user9                 = 'E-Mail';
$msg_user10                = 'User Details';
$msg_user11                = 'There are currently 0 users in the database.';
$msg_user12                = 'Login Password';
$msg_user13                = 'User Successfully Deleted!';
$msg_user14                = 'Update User';
$msg_user15                = 'User Successfully Updated!';
$msg_user16                = 'Cancel';
$msg_user17                = 'Signature (Optional)';
$msg_user18                = 'New Ticket E-Mail Notification';
$msg_user19                = 'Signature';
$msg_user20                = 'Notification';
$msg_user21                = 'Users are members of your support team. Users can be assigned to multiple departments and have access to different areas of the administration area. When the system was setup, a global user was defined. This user cannot be deleted and automatically has full site access. This user cannot be modified by anyone else. You should be careful when allowing users access to certain areas of the admin area.';
$msg_user22                = 'There are no replies by this user!';
$msg_user23                = 'Total Responses';
$msg_user24                = 'Admin Page Access';
$msg_user25                = 'View All Responses';
$msg_user26                = 'ALL Departments (Default)';
$msg_user27                = 'ALL Pages (Default)';
$msg_user28                = 'Date Added';
$msg_user29                = 'View Ticket';
$msg_user30                = 'Ticket';
$msg_user31                = 'View Graph';
$msg_user32                = 'Show stats for';
$msg_user33                = 'by';
$msg_user34                = 'Responses';
$msg_user35                = 'Total Replies';
$msg_user36                = 'User Statistics';
$msg_user37                = 'Last Reply';
$msg_user38                = 'Last Login';
$msg_user39                = 'Change';
$msg_user40                = 'Global User';
$msg_user41                = 'Enable ALL Notifications';
$msg_user42                = 'Disable ALL Notifications';
$msg_user43                = 'E-Mail Notifications Successfully Enabled!';
$msg_user44                = 'E-Mail Notifications Successfully Disabled!';


$msg_viewticket           = 'Viewing Ticket: #{ticket}';
$msg_viewticket2          = 'Name';
$msg_viewticket3          = 'E-Mail';
$msg_viewticket4          = 'Department';
$msg_viewticket5          = 'Ticket Date/Time';
$msg_viewticket6          = 'Logged IPs';
$msg_viewticket7          = 'Status';
$msg_viewticket8          = 'Details';
$msg_viewticket9          = 'Priority';
$msg_viewticket10         = 'Viewing Ticket: <b>#{ticket}</b>';
$msg_viewticket11         = 'Add Reply';
$msg_viewticket12         = 'Responses';
$msg_viewticket13         = 'Add New Reply';
$msg_viewticket14         = 'Open';
$msg_viewticket15         = 'Closed';
$msg_viewticket16         = 'Locked';
$msg_viewticket17         = 'Status';
$msg_viewticket18         = 'Send Mail';
$msg_viewticket19         = 'Merge With Ticket #';
$msg_viewticket20         = 'Edit Ticket #{ticket}';
$msg_viewticket21         = 'Update Ticket';
$msg_viewticket22         = 'Comments';
$msg_viewticket23         = 'Ticket Successfully Updated!';
$msg_viewticket24         = 'Already Exists in System!';
$msg_viewticket25         = 'Subject';
$msg_viewticket26         = 'Open';
$msg_viewticket27         = 'Close';
$msg_viewticket28         = 'Lock';
$msg_viewticket29         = 'Viewing {count} Attachment(s): #{ticket}';
$msg_viewticket30         = 'Delete All';
$msg_viewticket31         = 'This ticket has 0 attachments.';
$msg_viewticket32         = 'File &amp; Type';
$msg_viewticket33         = 'Size';
$msg_viewticket34         = 'Delete Selected Attachments';
$msg_viewticket35         = 'Add Response';
$msg_viewticket36         = 'Edit Ticket Reply: #{ticket}';
$msg_viewticket37         = 'Update Ticket Reply';
$msg_viewticket38         = 'Reply Successfully Updated!';
$msg_viewticket39         = 'There are currently 0 replies to this ticket.';
$msg_viewticket40         = 'View Attachments';
$msg_viewticket41         = '{count} Attachment(s)';
$msg_viewticket42         = 'Reply by';
$msg_viewticket43         = 'Unknown';
$msg_viewticket44         = 'This reply has 0 attachments.';
$msg_viewticket45         = 'This ticket is currently closed. Please re-open to add reply.';
$msg_viewticket46         = 'Ticket Reply Successfully Deleted!';
$msg_viewticket47         = 'Ticket Reply Successfully Added!';
$msg_viewticket48         = 'Ticket Merged &amp; Reply Successfully Added!';
$msg_viewticket49         = '[#{ticket}] Support Ticket Updated';
$msg_viewticket50         = 'Download';
$msg_viewticket51         = 'Send Notification of Department Change';
$msg_viewticket52         = '[#{ticket}] Ticket Moved to "{dept}"';
$msg_viewticket53         = 'You do not have permission to view this ticket as it appears to be in a department you don`t have access to.<br /><br />This message usually appears affter a ticket
                             has been updated and moved to a department allocated to other support members and then a further update is attempted.<br /><br />Once a ticket has been moved, you no longer have access to it.';


$msg_script                = 'Maian Support';
$msg_script2               = 'v2.0';
$msg_script3               = 'Powered by';
$msg_script4               = 'Yes';
$msg_script5               = 'No';
$msg_script6               = '404 - Page Not Found!';
$msg_script7               = 'Optional';
$msg_script8               = 'Delete';
$msg_script9               = 'Edit';
$msg_script10              = 'View';
$msg_script11              = 'Pages';
$msg_script12              = 'All Rights Reserved';
$msg_script13              = 'Printer Friendly Version';
$msg_script14              = 'Print';
$msg_script15              = 'Close';
$msg_script16              = 'Forbidden: You do not have permission to view this page!';
$msg_script17              = 'N/A';
$msg_script18              = 'Powered by';
$msg_script19              = 'Bytes';
$msg_script20              = 'Get Adobe Flash Player';
$msg_script21              = array('Jan','Feb','Mar','Apr','May','Jun','Jul','Aug','Sep','Oct','Nov','Dec');
$msg_script22              = 'Free Version Limit Reached or Exceeded';


$msg_piping                = 'Are Connection Parameters Correct?';
$msg_piping2               = 'Is Username/Password valid?';
$msg_piping3               = 'Are flags set correctly? Contact host if not sure.';
$msg_piping4               = 'Have you specified correct protocol?';
$msg_piping5               = 'This function is not enabled!';
$msg_piping6               = '[No Subject]';
$msg_piping7               = 'Sent via E-Mail';
$msg_piping8               = 'Cron Run @ {datetime}.<br /><br />{count} New Tickets Opened.<br />{count2} Replies Added.<br />{count3} Attachment(s) Saved.';

  IMPORTANT: If you want to use apostrophes in these variables, you MUST escape them with 3 backslashes
             Failure to do this will result in the script malfunctioning on javascript code.
  EXAMPLE: d\\\'apostrophe
  Double quotes can be used with no problems

$msg_javascript            = 'Confirm Action..\n\nAre you sure?';
$msg_javascript2           = 'Logout and terminate session..\n\nAre you sure?';
$msg_javascript3           = 'Preview';
$msg_javascript4           = 'Help';
$msg_javascript5           = 'The name of your website or ticket system';
$msg_javascript6           = 'E-mail "From" address that appears when any e-mails are sent. This may need to be a valid e-mail on some servers.';
$msg_javascript7           = 'Full HTTP path to your ticket installation. NO slash.<br /><br /><b>Example</b>:<br />http://www.yoursite.com/tickets';
$msg_javascript8           = 'Software Language';
$msg_javascript9           = 'Preferred PHP date format. If you are unsure of this leave it as it is. Click the heading to be taken to the PHP website for more information.';
$msg_javascript10          = 'Preferred MySQL date format for date display. Can be any supported day/month/year code. If you are unsure of this leave it as it is. Click the heading to be taken to the MySQL website for more information.';
$msg_javascript11          = 'Do you wish to enable the knowledge base?';
$msg_javascript12          = 'Do you wish to enable the spam prevention sum? This is a simple, yet effective method of preventing bots from submitting tickets. If your ticket desk is behind a firewall or network, this can be disabled.';
$msg_javascript13          = 'Do you want the system to auto close tickets that are awaiting a visitor reply, but haven`t been replied to for X amount of days? Set to 0 to disable or enter amount in days. Example: 50';
$msg_javascript14          = 'If you have specified time parameters for the PHP Date Format and the time is not correct for your timezone, specify an offset here.<br /><br />If you are running <b>PHP5</b> you can ignore this and set your timezone in the "control/connect.inc.php" file.';
$msg_javascript15          = 'Do you want to enable attachments so visitors can include files with their tickets? Note that disabling this feature does not disable attachments for admin responses.';
$msg_javascript16          = 'If enabled, specify allowed file extensions. This must be the extension (including period or dot) seperated with a pipe. Enter as many as you need. Extensions are NOT case sensitive.<br /><br /><b>Example</b>:<br />.jpg|.zip|.rar<br /><br />Leave blank for no restrictions.';
$msg_javascript17          = 'Maximum file size for attachments. In Bytes.<br /><br /><b>Examples</b>:<br />1024*1024 = 1048576 = 1MB (You enter 1048576)<br />1024*200 = 204800 = 200KB (You enter 204800)<br /><br />Set to 0 for no limit or use the calculator for help.';
$msg_javascript18          = 'Total attachment boxes to display on ticket page. For example, if you entered 5, visitor could include a maximum of 5 attachments per ticket.';
$msg_javascript19          = 'Do you wish to enable SMTP to send e-mails? Some servers restrict the PHP function sending to addresses outside of the domain, so this is required.<br /><br />Some servers require authentication via username/password.';
$msg_javascript20          = 'Enter SMTP host. This can be your server IP, localhost or mail server address.<br /><br /><b>Examples</b>:<br />localhost<br />mail.yoursite.com'.(isset($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) ? '<br />'.$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] : '');
$msg_javascript21          = 'Enter SMTP username if required. This is usually your e-mail address.';
$msg_javascript22          = 'Enter SMTP mail password if required.';
$msg_javascript23          = 'Enter SMTP port number. Usually 25 or 26. Can also be your submission port, ie: 587. If you are unsure, contact your host.';
$msg_javascript24          = 'Enter knowledge base question.';
$msg_javascript25          = 'Specify which category this question applies to. Can be ALL categories or specific category.';
$msg_javascript26          = 'Enter knowledge base answer. HTML may be used here if required.';
$msg_javascript27          = 'Enter support members real name.';
$msg_javascript28          = 'Specify which departments this user has access to. This enables user to view/answer tickets for specified departments only.<br /><br />Hold down CTRL key to make selections. To highlight all, hold down CTRL key and click first entry, then hold down SHIFT key and click last entry.<br /><br />Global user has access to all departments regardless of selections.';
$msg_javascript29          = 'Specify which admin pages this user has access to. This can restrict user from accessing certain administration content.<br /><br />Hold down CTRL key to make selections. To highlight all, hold down CTRL key and click first entry, then hold down SHIFT key and click last entry.<br /><br /><b>WARNING</b>! If user has access to an admin page, he/she has access to all features on that page.<br /><br />Global user has access to all pages regardless of selections.';
$msg_javascript30          = 'Enter log in e-mail address. This is also the e-mail address ticket notification is sent to.';
$msg_javascript31          = 'Enter login password. The use of special characters is recommended for more difficult passwords. ie: []()*/';
$msg_javascript32          = 'Do you wish to enable e-mail notification for this user if new tickets are opened?';
$msg_javascript33          = 'Enter user signature. This is optional. If entered, automatically appears at the bottom of all replies made by this user. HTML may be used here if required.';
$msg_javascript34          = 'Enter title for standard response. This is to easily identify this response.';
$msg_javascript35          = 'Specify which departments this response applies to. Can be ALL departments or specific department. When viewing tickets, reponses only applicable to all or individual department will be shown.';
$msg_javascript36          = 'Enter standard response answer. HTML may be used here if required.';
$msg_javascript37          = 'Enter amount of days old tickets must be before being purged. For example, if you enter 180, all tickets up to 180 days old will be deleted from the system.';
$msg_javascript38          = 'Specify which department to purge. Tickets can be purged from ALL departments or just specific ones. Hold down Ctrl key to select multiple departments.';
$msg_javascript39          = 'When purging tickets, do you want to clear any attachments associated with these tickets?';
$msg_javascript40          = 'Enter amount of days old attachments must be before being purged. For example, if you enter 180, all attachments up to 180 days old will be deleted from the system.';
$msg_javascript41          = 'Specify which department to purge. Attachments can be purged from ALL departments or just specific ones. Hold down Ctrl key to select multiple departments.';
$msg_javascript42          = 'Enter';
$msg_javascript43          = 'Get New Password';
$msg_javascript44          = 'Select Ticket';
$msg_javascript45          = 'Specify ticket status. If "Locked" ticket cannot be re-opened by visitor.';
$msg_javascript46          = 'Do you wish to send e-mail notification to visitor about this ticket reply?';
$msg_javascript47          = 'Do you want to merge this ticket with another one after the reply is added? If merged, reply is added to specified ticket and this ticket is deleted.<br /><br />Click box to launch ticket window. Note that tickets can only be merged with tickets with the SAME e-mail address.';
$msg_javascript48          = 'These are quick links. Click link to open, close or lock ticket. If locked, visitor cannot re-open ticket. No e-mails are sent with these options.';
$msg_javascript49          = 'Enter e-mail address of visitor. Once you start typing suggestions will appear. This helps to locate e-mails faster.';
$msg_javascript50          = 'Enter new password for visitor. A simple password is recommended for reset. Visitors can update their password if they choose.';
$msg_javascript51          = 'Do you want to send e-mail to visitor to let them know of this change?';
$msg_javascript52          = 'Enter source e-mail address. Once you start typing suggestions will appear. This helps to locate e-mails faster.';
$msg_javascript53          = 'Enter destination e-mail address. Once you start typing suggestions will appear. This helps to locate e-mails faster.';
$msg_javascript54          = 'Full server path to your attachments directory. NO slash. If you are unsure of your server path, contact your host.<br /><br /><b>Examples</b>:<br />/home/server/public_html/tickets/templates/attachments<br />C:\\\windows\\\path\\\tickets\\\templates\\\attachments';
$msg_javascript55          = 'Specify new knowledge base category name.';
$msg_javascript56          = 'Enter summary for this category. For example, if your category was called "Billing", your summary might be "Articles Related to Billing" etc';
$msg_javascript57          = 'If web addresses are entered in tickets, do you want the system to auto convert these into clickable hyperlinks?';
$msg_javascript58          = 'Thanks for Voting!';
$msg_javascript59          = 'Invalid E-Mail Address..';
$msg_javascript60          = 'No Account Found..Try Again..';
$msg_javascript61          = 'New Password Sent..Check Inbox..';
$msg_javascript62          = 'Enter keyword(s) or ticket ID. This field searches comments, name and e-mail if keyword and id field if numeric. For ticket ID enter full ticket number or short number. ie: 000456 OR 456';
$msg_javascript63          = 'Both from and to dates must be specified for date filter.';
$msg_javascript64          = 'For security you should rename your admin folder. If you rename it, specify the new name here. Folder name should NOT contain invalid characters. Alphanumeric, hyphens and underscores are recommended.';
$msg_javascript65          = 'How many tickets to show per page for visitors in their ticket portal? Must be at least 1.';
$msg_javascript66          = 'The knowledge base main page shows the most popular questions. This is determined by most votes, not visits. How many popular questions do you want to show?';
$msg_javascript67          = 'The voting system enables a webmaster to see if questions have been helpul or not. Do you want visitors to be able to vote multiple times? This is fairly pointless, but can be enabled if required.';
$msg_javascript68          = 'If multiple votes aren`t allowed, a cookie is set. Specify the duration IN DAYS before this cookie expires.';
$msg_javascript69          = 'Please enter a number first..';
$msg_javascript70          = 'Locate CSV file. Any file extension should work providing the formatting is correct within the file. Click the example file to see how the CSV file must be formatted.';
$msg_javascript71          = 'Set the field delimiter. If left blank delimiter defaults to a comma.';
$msg_javascript72          = 'Set the field enclosure character. Fields are enclosed if the delimiter is found in the string to prevent premature end of delimiter. Example on comma delimited string:<br /><br /><b>0,1,"The delimiter is , a comma",2,3</b><br /><br />If left blank defaults to quotes (").';
$msg_javascript73          = 'Choose department for import.';
$msg_javascript74          = 'Choose category for import.';
$msg_javascript75          = 'Must be greater than the longest line (in characters) to be found in the CSV file (allowing for trailing line-end characters).<br /><br />It became optional in PHP 5. Omitting this parameter (or setting it to 0 in PHP 5.0.4 and later) the maximum line length is not limited, which is slightly slower.<br /><br /><b>NO</b> commas or period symbols. Examples: 1000, 2000, 3000 etc<br /><br />Text &copy;PHP.net';
$msg_javascript76          = 'When you run this import, do you want to clear existing responses already in the system for the selected department?<br /><br /><b>WARNING! THIS IS NOT REVERSIBLE!!</b>';
$msg_javascript77          = 'When you run this import, do you want to clear existing knowledge base entries already in the system for the selected category?<br /><br /><b>WARNING! THIS IS NOT REVERSIBLE!!</b>';
$msg_javascript78          = 'When you add this reply, do you want to add the reply as a standard response? If yes, response will be added to same category as ticket.';
$msg_javascript79          = 'Check the "Remember Me" box to stay logged in for 30 days. Note, this is <b>NOT</b> recommended for shared computers and cookies must be enabled!';
$msg_javascript80          = 'Maian Support has functionality to start tickets via standard e-mails. This is controlled via PHP`s imap functions, which must be installed on your server for this to run.<br /><br />Are imap functions loaded: <b>'.(function_exists('imap_open') ? 'Yes' : 'No').'</b><br /><br />See the docs for further information on this feature.';
$msg_javascript81          = 'Imap and Pop3 protocols are supported. Specify your preference.';
$msg_javascript82          = 'Enter mailbox host or IP address.';
$msg_javascript83          = 'Enter mailbox username. Usually e-mail address, but varies from server to server.';
$msg_javascript84          = 'Enter mailbox password.';
$msg_javascript85          = 'Enter mailbox port number. Usually 110 for pop3 or 143 for imap. Check with your host.';
$msg_javascript86          = 'Enter name of mailbox. A common example would be "inbox". Specifying an invalid name will prevent the system from working.';
$msg_javascript87          = 'If applicable, enter mailbox flag. Click the heading to be taken to the PHP website for more information. Entering invalid flag or omitting required flag will cause the system to fail when fetching mail.<br /><br />Flag must begin with a slash (/). It is recommended the flag "/novalidate-cert" be used in most cases.';
$msg_javascript88          = 'If tickets are started via email, do you want to accept attachments? If yes, the attachment restrictions above apply.<br /><br />It is vitally important you have virus/spam filtering on the mail box you are using for e-mail fetching. See the docs for more information.';
$msg_javascript89          = 'Do you wish to delete the messages from the e-mail box after the messages have been read? It is recommended you set this to yes.';
$msg_javascript90          = 'How many messages do you want to fetch each time the mailbox is accessed? Max 999.';
$msg_javascript91          = 'Are you connecting to the mailbox using ssl?';
$msg_javascript92          = 'Specify which department is to be assigned tickets sent via e-mail.';
$msg_javascript93          = 'Specify the default priority level for tickets started via e-mail.';
$msg_javascript94          = 'Enter your own admin footer data. This will replace the default admin footer. This option is available when a licence has been paid. HTML may be used here if required.';
$msg_javascript95          = 'Enter your own front end (public) footer data. This will replace the default public footer. This option is available when a licence has been paid. HTML may be used here if required.';
$msg_javascript96          = 'Please enter title for new response..';
$msg_javascript97          = 'My New Response';
$msg_javascript98          = 'FREE VERSION RESTRICTION..\n\nThis response won`t be added because you have reached the free version limit on the amount of responses allowed.';
$msg_javascript99          = 'Do you wish to enable the voting system? This is useful for admin to see which questions have proved useful and which haven`t. Enable or disable depending on your preference.';
$msg_javascript100         = 'Do you wish to include the persons name in the export? This will be determined by the first ticket opened.';
$msg_javascript101         = 'Do you wish to include the portal e-mail address in the export?';
$msg_javascript102         = 'This is your reply to e-mail address for imap messages. If reply is set to imap mailbox address, replies sent will be read in via imap and assigned to the same ticket if they contain the ticket id.<br /><br />Set to another e-mail not to have replies sent to imap address.';
$msg_javascript103         = 'If you update this ticket to a department you don`t have access to, you will no longer be able to see this ticket. In this case you might want to use the notification option below to inform support members who do have access to new destination department.';
$msg_javascript104         = 'Send notification to support members who have access to department specified above. This should only be used when moving a ticket to a department you don`t have access to.';

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