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<title>Changelog: Maian Support v2.0 Documentation</title>
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   <p class="head">13/11/10 Version 2.0 Updated</p>

   <p class="info">Source Guardian encoding system replaced with ionCube.</p>
   <p class="head">12/06/10 Version 2.0 Released</p>
   <p class="info">Brand new system<br />
   Added ticket portal and login<br />
   Added option to create tickets from e-mails<br />
   Added standard responses<br />
   Added knowledge base categories<br />
   Added knowledge base voting system<br />
   Added FULLTEXT search capabilities for knowledge base<br />
   Added ionCube encryption<br />
   Added entry log<br />
   Added import options<br />
   Added admin portal options<br />
   Added MySQL4 support to installer<br />
   Added multiple attachments<br />
   Added ticket/reply statistic graphs<br />
   Added user reply statistic graph<br />
   Updated search engines<br />
   Updated access levels<br />
   Updated ticket merge option<br />
   Updated to XHTML Strict. 99% tableless layout.<br />
   Updated PHP mailer system to latest stable releases (PHP 4 &amp; 5)<br />
   Updated Savant template engine to include version 3 (Supports PHP4 &amp; PHP5)<br />
   Removed captcha code in favour of simple sum<br />
   Removed live support module<br />
   Removed auto zipping option<br />
   Removed contact users option<br />
   Removed ban filters<br />
   Removed BB Code<br />
   Removed all deprecated warnings for PHP6<br />
   Licences Changed

   <p class="head">1/8/07 Version 1.3 Updated</p>

   <p class="info">Free licence changed to the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Licence.</p>

   <p class="head">24/3/07 Version 1.3 Released</p>

   <p class="info">Added option for admin to auto close tickets after x amount of days if no response is made<br />
   Added option for admin to permanently close tickets<br />
   Added SMTP options to settings<br />
   Added ban filters<br />
   Public interface updated with stand alone knowledge base<br />
   Added option for admin to merge ticket on updating<br />
   Added option to auto parse website name/paths in e-mail templates on install<br />
   Updated admin search to search ticket id<br />
   Updated pagination to hide links if there are lots of tickets<br />
   Added pagination to admin search page<br />
   Added printer friendly version for admin when viewing ticket<br />
   Added filter by option for knowledge base in admin area<br />
   Moved all html table data to templates folder for easier editing<br />
   Made auto zipping of attachments optional and fixed problem uploading files with spaces<br />
   Removed case sensitivity issue when specifying files for attachments<br />
   Added tools option to admin area to purge closed tickets or attachments<br />
   Moved all style content to stylesheet for easier editing of public view<br />
   Moved all html data to templates directory for easier editing of public view<br />
   Visitor can now update the attachment with each response<br />
   Minor coding updates/bug fixes/improvements<br />
   Cosmetic update

   <p class="head">24/6/06 Version 1.2 Released</p>

   <p class="info">Added live support module<br />
   Added signatures to users<br />
   Added e-mail notification option for users<br />
   Added filter by options when viewing open or closed tickets<br />
   Added auto log in redirect to admin area to take admin direct to ticket<br />
   Added ability for admin to be able to update e-mail addresses<br />
   Added preview option for admin when adding tickets & responses<br />
   Added ability to update captcha preferences in admin area<br />
   Updated interface<br />
   Added time offset function<br />
   Added ability for administrators to view user response times<br />
   Updated documentation

   <p class="head">18/3/2006 Version 1.1 Released</p>

   <p class="info">Added captcha code for spam prevention<br />
   Updated login security vulnerability<br />
   Fixed security vulnerability with admin login

   <p class="head">10/9/2005 Version 1.0 Released</p>

   <p class="info">Original Release</p>



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  <p class="copyright">
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