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<title>Support Tickets: Maian Support v2.0 - Documentation</title>
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    <p class="head">Opening New Tickets</p>
    <p class="info">
    Visitors will access the main front end to open tickets. Example if you installed in a 'support' directory:<br /><br />
    <b>http://www.yoursite.com/support/</b><br /><br />
    There are no restrictions on the amount of tickets a visitor can open.
    <p class="head">Ticket Portal</p>
    <p class="info">
    To enter their ticket portal a visitor enters their e-mail address and password. A 'Forgot Password' option is provided for visitors who have forgot their password. On opening a ticket
    a visitor is immediately directed to their portal where they will see their current ticket, plus a list of previous tickets. When logged in a visitor can return to their
    main portal page via the 'My Tickets' link at the top of the page.
    <p class="head">Change Password</p>
    <p class="info">
    Visitors can change their password at any time once logged into their portal.
    <p class="head">Search Tickets</p>
    <p class="info">
    When logged in, visitors can search their tickets at any time via the 'Search Tickets' link.
    <p class="head">Logging Out</p>
    <p class="info">
    Visitors can log out at any time via the 'Logout' option. Their session is also terminated if the browser is closed. There are no cookie options to stay logged in
    for security.
    <p class="head">Deleting/Editing Tickets</p>
    <p class="info">
    Visitors cannot delete or edit tickets once they are opened, this can only be done by admin. They can however, add unlimited replies.
    <p class="head">Ticket Attachments</p>
    <p class="info">
    Attachments are allowed as per the admin options in the settings. Visitors are restricted to attachment restrictions as set by admin.
    <p class="head">Html in Tickets</p>
    <p class="info">
    For security any HTML entered by a visitor is converted to character entities. For example &lt; and &gt; become &amp;lt; and &amp;gt;. This is for security. HTML 
    is not allowed in tickets either by admin or by a visitor. This is to prevent HTML upsetting the ticket system and layout.


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