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    In the admin area, on the 'Tools>Portal Options' page you can perform one of three tasks. You can reset a users password, move tickets from one e-mail account to another or export portal name and e-mail addresses. The option to move tickets to another e-mail can be useful
    if a user has a new e-mail address and wants any old tickets visible via their new e-mail address.<br /><br />
    E-mail addresses MUST be in the system for you to move tickets. If a user has a new e-mail, they must open a new ticket with their new e-mail address before you can
    merge any previous tickets with this account. This is for security. Once you move tickets to another e-mail address, the previous e-mail address is deleted.<br /><br />
    For convenience an auto complete option is integrated into Maian Support. Once you start typing e-mail addresses, suggestions will appear. This will help you locate
    an e-mail address quicker if you have many addresses in the system.<br /><br />
    The option to export entries is useful if you want to add visitors to a mailing list and send them updates.


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