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    <p class="head">Import Options</p>
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    Maian Support offers a couple of batch import options to help you get the system up and running much faster. From the 'Tools>Import Options' in your admin you
    have the choice of batch importing knowledge base questions/answers or standard responses. Each import must be in CSV format.
    <p class="head">CSV Files</p>
    <p class="info">
    On the import options page, click the csv example files to see how a CSV should be formatted. The usual format is to seperate data with a comma and enclose the
    data between quotes so that the import can distinguish when each piece of data starts. The following is valid syntax..<br /><br />
    <b>&quot;This is a standard, response title&quot;,&quot;This is the standard response text..&quot;</b><br /><br />
    Note how the data seperates with a comma and is enclosed in quotes. If the seperator exists in the data the quotes MUST be in place. For example, this would fail:<br /><br />
    <b>This is a standard, response title,&quot;This is the standard response text..&quot;</b><br /><br />
    Here the system thinks there are 3 pieces of data, instead of 2. If you are importing data that may contain quotes, then you`ll need to specify another enclosure character or characters. Example:<br /><br />
    <b>||This is a &quot;standard&quot;, response title||,||This is the standard &quot;response text&quot;..||</b><br /><br />
    Here the enclosure characters would be two pipes. For more information on CSV files try a search on Google.


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