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Installing From Source

**Note:** The development version of Lucid is cutting/bleeding edge software. You should not use it unless you know what you are doing. You have been warned.

Checking out source code from subversion
In order to get a copy of Lucid's source code, you must have Git_. installed.

.. _Git: http://www.git-scm.com/

Our Git repository is located at http://github.com/psychcf/lucid/tree/master

To check out a copy, run this command:

.. code-block:: bash
    git clone git://github.com/psychcf/lucid.git lucid

Unless you plan on installing Lucid Desktop locally, you should build it. This compresses the javascript that is sent to the client so the desktop will load faster.
From a terminal, navigate to the ``/desktop/dojotoolkit/util/buildscripts/`` directory. Then run this command (for windows run build.bat instead of build.sh):

.. code-block:: bash
    ./build.sh profile=desktop action=release mini=true

Then, copy all contents of ``/desktop/dojotoolkit/release/dojo/`` to ``/desktop/dojotoolkit/``, and delete the release directory.

If you want to make updating in the future easier, you can edit the paths of the ``<script>`` tags on both ``index.html`` and ``desktop/index.html`` to point to the javascript files in the release directory. Also fix the paths in ``desktop/dojotoolkit/desktop/login/Form.js``.

Note that if you so an SVN update, and anything in the ``/desktop/dojotoolkit/`` directory is updated, you must rebuild and clear your cache.

From here, you can follow the :ref:`installation instructions <user-install-instructions>` to get everything set up. 
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