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  //  include the CMS framework
  require_once ('lowbatcms/lowbatcms.inc.php');

  //  include custom class definition
  require_once ('class/multi.php');

  //  get the maximum available ID
  //  first intantiate a dummy object, on which we can call maxid()
  $entry = new multientry();
  $maxid = $entry->maxID();             //  maximum available ID
  $numEntries = $entry->numEntries();   //  number of entries, if you need them

  //  take the ID of the Entry from GET, defaulting to the last Entry
  $id = isset($_GET['id'])? $_GET['id']: $maxid;

  //  instantiate the Entry with the selected  ID, and take values from POST
  //  if applicable
  $entry = new multientry($id, true);

  //  create the table corresponding to the multientry, if it does not yet exist

  //  check whether the data has been submitted to store to DB
	$login->is_mode(LOWBAT_MODE_SUBMIT) && $entry->store();

  //  if $id is 0, we create a new entry. makes sense only in input or preview mode.
  $id == 0 && $login->is_logged_in() && $login->get_mode() != LOWBAT_MODE_PREVIEW &&

  //  this call is redundant, because 'lowbat_entry_list.tmpl' is the default

  //  show the available entries (as a horizontal menu bar)
  echo $entry->displayList($id);

  //  show the data formatted according to the template associated with the
  //  multientry class
  echo $entry->display();
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