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 * This is a php frontend for mod_log_sql. It interfaces
 * with the table structure as defined in a MySql database and has been
 * tested only with version 1.16 of mod_log_sql.
 * contact hide@address.com
 * For database settings please edit db-connect-apache.php.
	/* Location of geoIP.dat file */
	$geoFile = "geo/GeoIP.dat";
	 /* Enable geoIP functions if you have GeoIP DB installed */
	$geoEnable = False;
	/* Display HTTP status as icons instead of text code */

	/* Truncation limit. This is the number of characters to
	   before the string is truncated (applies to URI's) */
	$truncLimit = 60;

	/* This is the default number to show on the summary page */
	$summaryResults = 10;

	/* Number of results to show per page */
	$pageLimit = 25;

	/* This setting will tell the scripts that the last 24
	   hours should be used when working out 'today' and
	   'yesterday' statistics.
	   Set this to 'False' to use Midnight as the cutoff 
	   instead of the last 24 hours */
	$timeIs24 = True;
	/* Show script name at bottom (used for debugging). */
	$showScriptName = False;
	/* The format you wish dates to be displayed in
	   see PHP doco for what the keys are.
	   "d M y h:i:s a" */
	$dateFormat = "d M y h:i:s a";
	/* Sensiblity filter always on
	   Filters images and common virus requests out of actual requests. */

	/* This sets the level of sensible filtering.
	   1 is the minimum level, basically just filters virus requests
	   2 will filter level 1 + image requests
	   3 will filter 1+2 + common media types (so far just java */
	/* Sensibility matches
	   Array of common types to filter
	   * wildcards are automatically converted into SQL % */
	$level1 = array( 

	$level2 = array(

	$level3 = array(
	/* Set this to enable/disable custom filters. Custom filters go one
	   better and allow you to create filters that will work on ALL
	   database fields. The format is "name_of_field", "filter value"
	   For instance the values I have entered will filter all remote_hosts 
	   with .home as their domain prefix (my home network) and all referers
	   that have homeip.net in them (from the free dyndns.org people).
	   WARNING: If you add too many filters it is possible that the database
	   query will become TOO LARGE for the database libraries to handle. I
	   am thinking of several ways around this including multiple temp table
	   creation and reg expression matching in PHP.
	   NOTE: This can be temporarily disabled on some pages by appending
	   &cf=1 to the URL.
	$customFilters = array(
		"remote_host", "*.home",
		"referer", "*.homeip.net*"
	/* Set this to "Auto" to force tables to be checked for conformance 
	   to the table structure required by Apache-logViewSQL
	   Set it to "Manual" to use the table array instead.
	   Set it to "None" to not try and do any error checking on the table
	   Obviously manual will be quicker but you will have to manually add
	   new tables if any are created after the inital configuration */
	$tableDetect = "Auto";
	/* If $tableDetect above is set to manual then you need to fill this out
	   Enter the table names seperated by , on each line for clarity. */
	$accessTables = array(
	/* This array lists the fields required to match tables as being valid
	   This only has an effect when $tableDetect is set to "Auto" */
	$requiredFields = array(
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