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***********Lite Outbound Manager***********

rev 0.4.1 alpha 11-11-2008


Lite Outbound Manager wants to be an help to manage an outbound campaign, especially for call centers
where there's the need a quick, ready to use application.

Please check official project website for latest updates - contact author - report bugs:


Managing concurrency on records
Priority to Appointments/recall
Virtually multi tabe - multi campaign
Advanced (javascript powered) user interface with dependent drop downs lists
Customizable treatments
NEW- Customizable Interview
Full admin page
XML customizable call result


This alpha ver needs minimum XML knowledge. SQL and PhpMySql skills are recommended to extract and report data.
Future versions'll incude full report section.


-Unpack zip file in your www dir (if you are using Apache web server)
-Edit /classes/MySqlDb.php to setup MySQL host/user/pass (Default localhost, root, no passw)
-run setup_database.php (it creates db "outbound" and tables: customers; calls; appointments: interviews)
-run data_import.php to insert records in DB 
( a demo csv file is provided, please check it to setup your own CSV file. Check also CUSTOMERS table in setup_database.php) 



1- Edit data/tripletta.XML (Minimum XML knowledge needed. *DO NOT EDIT/DELETE "dummy" node and his chidren!)

This file contains pre-definied values that'll populate 3 DEPENDENT dropdwon lists. Those dropdowns are used in the "nominativo" call page.
Call-center operator'll select the right combination AFTER calling the customer and BEFORE saving the call.
I put in some example values to let you understand the meaning of each XML node. Use "no reply" attribute if the node isn't a final state. Calls with
no-final state are re-scheduled using "ALREADY CONTACTED" treatment (see point 3).
Use "show_recall" if current node is a recall state and you need date/hour sub-form to be saved on DB as a recall appointment.
Thanks to this XML file and his custom attributes, interections between application behaviors and selected results are language indipendet.
(I'm working to an EDIT page to bypass editing XML directly...)

2- Add your users

Use admin.php to add users (call center operators). Sorry, this section is only a sketch. Admin account settings unavailable. 

3- Know about calls Treatments

There are 2 main tratments at the moment: ONLY NEW and ALREADY CONTACTED (you have to choose between them at the main login page).

ONLY NEW: Select this if you want to call fresh contacts that no-one has called before.

ALREADY CONTACTED: Well, pretty static but usable. You'll call customers that have been contacted in the past and outcomed as "no reply" state.
Max num of retry are 5, contacts with 5 retries wouldn't be recalled anymore - Priority to the "oldest" call in the list.

4- Monitorize in progress calls

Admin.php has a list reporting in progress calls.
If an user leaves a call without saving a valid state (uman fault or browser crash for example), this call remains "in progress". Admin shoud
reopen this call and save a valid state. 

5-OPTIONAL - Setup your Interview!

in "data/qa.xml" you can setup you own interview. Use config.xml to activate or turn off Interview on call page.



-Opened appointments couldn't be reopened or edited by admin.

-Appointments behave, actually, as "in progress" calls rescheduled, this means that by clicking on a recall-appointment you'ren't going to add a new record in the CALLS table, so retryes doesn't augment.

-Recall appointments are shown on the desktop page only if the user selects the proper flag on login page. This means that at the moment is safe if an unique user uses this mode.

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