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Linfo - PHP server health/information script

Currently runs on: Linux; FreeBSD; NetBSD; OpenBSD; Minix (alpha); Darwin (alpha); SunOS(alpha); Windows (alpha)

 - The name 'Linfo' was decided upon before I intended it to be cross platform.
   It was originally only going to be for Linux, and hence I called it Linux-Info,
   and Linfo sounded really catchy. It stuck.

 - Provide info such as disk space, temperatures, cpu, ram, etc
 - Be very fast; generation in under a second is most desired.
 - Call very few external programs (like df/load/uptime/etc), if any. (parse
   the file system for info, if possible)
 - Linux version not use external programs *at all* and rely exclusively on
   /proc and /sys and connecting to locally listening daemons. (except for extensions, listed below)
 - Don't go nuts with eye candy. Don't use ajax. Make viewing the info on
   text only browsers possible and easy.
 - Any javascript ever used must be *extremely* subtle and degrade gracefully
 - Don't bother finding Linux distro since it's irrelevant; the kernel and
   other specs are what matters most
 - Don't give info that can be exploited and turned into a security risk, especially
   not names and command line arguments given to running programs.
 - Don't use blatantly slow methods such as preg_split(), especially not in loops
 - Prefer speed over code conciseness. Where possible, use for/while loops instead of foreach.

Usable clients:
 - Any web browser should work, including text only ones
 - Tested with: Firefox 3.x, iOS Safari, Chrome, IE, Lynx, Elinks

Global System requirements: 
 - At least PHP 5
 - Access to php's preg (PCRE) library, specifically preg_match() 
   and preg_match_all(). You most likely already have this.
 - note: PCRE is Linfo's only php requirement :)

Linux system requirements:
 - /proc and /sys mounted appropriately
 - Tested with the 2.6 series of kernels. I'm not sure if it works with older ones.

FreeBSD system requirements:
 - PHP able to execute usual programs under /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, etc
 - Known to work under 8.0-RELEASE; older versions may work

NetBSD system requirements:
 - PHP able to execute usual programs under /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, /usr/pkg/bin, etc
 - Known to work under NetBSD 5.0.2; older versions may work

OpenBSD system requirements/notes:
 - PHP able to execute usual programs under /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin,  etc
 - Known to work under OpenBSD 4.7; older versions may work
 - It will not work under the default httpd chroot

 1) Extract tarball contents to somewhere under your web root
 2) Rename sample.config.inc.php to config.inc.php, after optionally changing values in it
 3) Visit page in web browser

Known issues:
 - Getting Linux device names is slow on old systems
 - Getting Linux device names does not work on all distros [yet]
 - Linux Wifi is not finished
 - Windows support might have problems with Pre-Vista/7 versions

Linux system temps/voltages/etc requirments:
 - Have hddtemp listening or periodically writing to syslog, and/or
 - Have mbmon listening, and/or
 - Have sensord periodically writing to syslog and/or
 - Have hwmon set up in /sys. This is enabled by default and works by default 
   at least on recent ubuntu versions
For cups/samba/truecrypt support:
 - Look at the extensions part of the site

 - Support for other Unix operating systems (Hurd, IRIX, AIX, HP UX, etc)
 - Support for strange operating systems: Haiku/BeOS

Please send suggestions, help requests, comments, complaints, beer, pizza, and hookers to:
 - hide@address.com / hide@address.com / hide@address.com / hide@address.com
 - IRC - #linfo @ freenode

License: GNU General Public License
Author/project leader: Joseph Robert Gillotti <hide@address.com>
Additional author(s):
 - Lee Bradley <hide@address.com>
 - Oliver Kuckertz <hide@address.com>
 - Joe Finney <hide@address.com>
 - Ryan Rawdon (hide@address.com)
URL: http://linfo.sourceforge.net/
Favicon by: Lee Bradley
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