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// This idea is Imusade's from lotgd.net
if ($session['user']['dragonkills']>0 || $session['user']['superuser']>1){

if ($session['user']['dragonkills']>0 || $session['user']['superuser']>1){
	page_header("The Veteran's Club");
	output("`b`c`2The Veteran's Club`0`c`b");
	output("`n`n`4Something in you compels you to examine the curious rock.  Some dark magic, locked up in age old horrors.");
	output("`n`nWhen you arrive at the rock, an old scar on your arm begins to throb in succession with a mysterious light that ");
	output("now seems to come from the rock.  As you stare at it, the rock shimmers, shaking off an illusion.  You realize that this is ");
	output("more than a rock.  It is, in fact, a doorway, and over the threshold, you see others, bearing an identical scar to yours.  It ");
	output("somehow reminds you of the head of one of the great serpents from legend.  You have discovered The Veteran's Club.");
	viewcommentary("veterans","Boast here",30,"boasts");
	page_header("Curious looking rock");
	output("You approach the curious looking rock.  After staring, and looking at it for a little while, it continues to look just like a curious looking rock.`n`n");
	output("Bored, you decide to return to the village.");
addnav("Return to the village","village.php");

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