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include "funlib.inc";
outHeadTop("Leafwa - User Survey", "what do you think of Leafwa?", 0);

$debug = 0;

/* these should probably be moved up to the main function library... */
function caption($caption){
   echo "<hr>\n";
   echo "<span class=\"bold\">$caption</span>\n";

function fieldText($caption, $name, $xsize){
   echo "<input type=\"text\" size=\"$xsize\" name=\"$name\">\n";

function fieldTextArea($caption, $name, $xsize, $ysize){
   echo "<br><textarea cols=\"$xsize\" rows=\"$ysize\" name=\"$name\">\n";
   echo "</textarea>\n";

function fieldL($caption){

/* a constant field with a hidden <input> tag */
function fieldConst($caption, $name, $value){

   echo "<tr>\n";
   echo "<td align=left valign=top><span class=\"bold\">$caption</span> </td>\n";
   echo "<td align=left bgcolor=\"#ccddff\">$value</td>\n";
   echo "</tr>\n";


| <a href="leafwa.php">Main screen</a>

<hr noshade>

<h3>User Survey</h3>

<p>You are invited to fill in this User Survey, the results of which will
be emailed to <a href="mailto:<? echo $maintainEmail ?>">the maintainer</a>, 
and which is intended to help to improve Leafwa.</p>

<form method=post action="postsurvey.php">

<input type=hidden name="for_debugging" value="can read hidden!">

<div class="tiny">
fieldText("Your name:", "username", 30); 
fieldText("Your email address:", "useremail", 30); 
<hr size=1>

<table border=0>
fieldConst("Leafwa version:", "leafwa_ver", $version);
fieldConst("Leafnode version:", "leafnode_ver", getLeafnodeVersion());
fieldConst("WWW user:", "www_user", getuser());
fieldConst("PHP version:", "php_version", phpversion());
fieldConst("Server OS:", "server_os", getOperatingSystem());

fieldConst("Server IP:", "server_ip", getenv("SERVER_ADDR"));
fieldConst("Web Server:", "web_server", getenv("SERVER_SOFTWARE"));

fieldConst("Browser IP:", "browser_ip", getenv("REMOTE_ADDR"));
fieldConst("Web Browser:", "web_browser", getenv("HTTP_USER_AGENT"));

fieldL("Where did you learn about Leafwa?");   
<input type=radio name=learn value=usenet>Usenet newsgroup
<input type=radio name=learn value=freshmeat>Freshmeat website
<input type=radio name=learn value=leafnode>Leafnode website
<input type=radio name=learn value=website>other website. Which one?
<input type=text name="learn_website" size=30>
<input type=radio name=learn value=maillist>mailing list. Which one?
<input type=text name="learn_ml" size=30>
<input type=radio name=learn value=other>other. Where?
<input type=text name="learn_other" size=30>

fieldTextArea("Are there any features which you would like to see added? "
   ."<br>Please be as specific as possible.", 
   "features", 50, 6);
fieldTextArea("Are there any features which you find difficult or "
   ."non-intuitive<br>to use? Please tell us which ones, and why.", 
   "difficult", 50, 6);

<p>Before posting the survey, please ensure that all the information
you have entered is correct, because you will not get an opportunity
to change it.</p>

<input type="submit" value="Post Survey">
<input type="reset" value="Reset form">


<hr noshade>

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