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include "funlib.inc";
$subtitle = " PHP version: ".PHP_VERSION;
outHeadTop("Leafwa - PHP information", $subtitle, 0);

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| <a href="viewsettings.php">Settings</a>

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/* need to extract the PHP information buffer from the page which phpinfo()
   would otherwise generate, or we end up with a complete embedded page.
   Taken from a sample @ php.net */
// start the output buffer, this means nothing will be displayed until the buffer is closed

// call the phpinfo function to display the php info

// get contents of output buffer, which is everything that would have been printed from phpinfo();
$val_phpinfo .= ob_get_contents();

// flush the output buffer and delete the contents

// get a substring of the php info to get rid of the html, head, title, etc.
$val_phpinfo = substr( $val_phpinfo, 554, -19 );

// change the width of the table to 450
//$val_phpinfo = str_replace( 'width="600"', 'width="450"', $val_phpinfo );

echo $val_phpinfo

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