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	Display a grid of entries from an array
	this code is a module, it will probably not work when not included by a page.
	parameters required are:
	@in $items array items list, a simple array ( integer indices from 0 to array size )
	@in $offset integer index of the first item to display
	@in $listsize integer number of items to display on the grid
	@TODO : finish the modularization

	$minbound = $offset + 1; 
	$maxbound = $offset + $listsize;

	echo '<div align=center>';

	echo '<TABLE cellspacing=0 style="padding: 4px; width:96%">',
		"<td align=left width=100>$urlPrevPage</td>",
		"<th align=center>", "$entries_count results - Displaying $minbound - $maxbound ", "</th>",
		"<td align=right width=100>$urlFullResults</td>",
		"<td align=right width=100>$urlNextPage</td>",

	echo '<TABLE cellspacing=0 style="border: 1px solid gray; width:96%">',
		"<th width=20 class=grid>", "&nbsp;", "</th>\n", // icon column
		"<th class=grid>", "Name", "</th>\n",
		"<th class=grid>", "Description", "</th>\n",
		"<th class=grid>", "Service", "</th>\n",
		"<th class=grid>", "Email", "</th>\n",

	while( $cnt++ < $listsize ) {

		$item = get_ldap_object( $items[$offset] );

		if( $offset % 2 )
			$bgcolor = "bgcolor=#CCCCF0";
			$bgcolor = "";

		$icon = smartIcon( $item['objectclass'] );

		// choix du champ a afficher comme "Nom"			
		if( $item['cn'] )
			$commonname = $item['cn'][0];
		elseif( $item['ou'] )
			$commonname = $item['ou'][0];
		else {
			list( $commonname, $dummy ) = ldap_explode_dn( $item['dn'], 0 );

		$encdn = urlencode($item['dn']);
		$tooltip = utf8_decode($item['dn']); // @TODO : escape " char
		$mail = attributeFormat( 'mail', $item['mail'][0] );

		echo "<TR $bgcolor>";
		echo "<TD class=\"grid\">", "<img src=\"img/$icon\" border=0>", "</TD>\n";
		echo "<TD class=\"grid\"><a title=\"$tooltip\" href=\"submit.php?A=entry.properties&dn=$encdn&prevURL=$prevURL\">" . 
			$commonname . "</a></TD>\n";
		echo "<TD class=\"grid\">", $item['description'][0], "&nbsp;</TD>\n";
		echo "<TD class=\"grid\">", $item['ou'][0], "&nbsp;</TD>\n";
		echo "<TD class=\"grid\">", $mail, "&nbsp;</TD>\n";
		echo "</TR>\n";

		$offset ++;

	echo "</table></div>\n";

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