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LDAP Navigator

	A full featured LDAP browser and editor.
	Entry pages can be customized via a "plugin callbacks" system, however I've not documented 
	thisfor now you'll have to look at the code.
	DIT: Search with paged results, Tree view
	Entry: infos, edit, duplicate, delete, batch update and delete on a search result.
	Schema: browse objectclasses and attributes informations

Browser support

	Tested on :
	Internet Explorer 4, 5 & 6
	Konqueror 2+
	Mozilla 0.8+
	Your feedback with other browsers is welcome !

	User credentials are checked against the directory, thus access permissions is fully 
	controlled by the directory itself.
	You can enter either your full DN (eg.cn=leo west,o=mycompany.com) or your userid (leo)
Schema module
	Schema is loaded from the directory server and cached in a file in TMPDIR.
	Function fine on iPlanet schema syntax, and work partially on Domino server.
	There is still a problem with OpenLDAP but a fix is on the way.
Access Control Permissions module
	ACL support a subset of Netscape / iPlanet ACI.
	Support for OpenLDAP's ACL is in early stage and you MUST NOT rely on it.
LDAP Entry display customization

	LDAPNavigator allows you to trigger a custom function (aka plugin)
	to display any given LDAP attribute in a special way.
	the function you write will be responsible to render/display attribute's value.
	See sample functions in attribute.plugins.php
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