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   PHP4 with session enabled and ldap extension.
   A LDAP server. Tested against Netscape 4.x, iPlanet 5.0, Domino/R5, OpenLDAP 2.x


   Unpack the tarball somewhere in your web server tree.
   Copy config-default.php to config.php, and edit config.php. There are plenty 
   of parameters, but for a quick run you'll only need to change a few.
      anyHost : control the host field in login form : 1=free text 0= listbox
      host : an array of possible LDAP servers. will be presented in the login page
      basedn : array of possible Base DN
      binddn : array of predefined account's DN. 
      directoryBrand : the name of your LDAP server - for now: openldap,iplanet,netscape 
      tmpdir : a temporary directory where LDAPnav stores cached informations  
   	   LDAP.Navigator uses a cache that creates plenty of file in tmpdir. 
	      You *should* setup a cron or such to remove these files; say once everyday.
      appName : the default page title
      adminName : name of the LDAP navigator administrator (end users assistance).
      adminEmail : email address of this admin.

	Point your browser to ldapnavigator  URL, and fill the Login page

	Fields description:
	- Other : you may specify an alternative base dn here.
	- Username: You may enter a full DN or a userid (if you have one)
	  Username and password are optional; in this case anonymous bind will be used.
	- convert UTF to ISO : in the case your server is UTF native (iPlanet case) , enable this.
	- Tree view / limit display: limit nodes displayed in the tree view (foreach parent node).

	- Search scope : not used, don't bother.

3. MISC.

	Schema browser stuff does not function with OpenLDAP, at least for now.
	Tips are in french, translations and addition welcome. look in tips.php
	Bug Report on Sourceforge page @ http://sourceforge.net/projects/ldapnavigator

	Leo West - March 2002
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