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	Initial version: 
	treeview cache mecanism
	started a schema module . set of pages to view the schema properties, read-only for the moment
	added a attribute plugin on objectclass that link to schema page
	fixed charset bug : some entry attributes were not utf encoded before saved

	added schema attributes list view
	added icon in "Entry property" page title
	added buttonBar in schema pages
	added icon in title of schema pages 
	replaced DHTML stuff with a normal grid list in objectclass list view 
	added mailtoLink plugin
	removed debug message in entry.modify
	removed some unused preferences in $config
	search: moved searchFields in configurable options
	search: added search operators choice as a popup [default, search.form]
	started "batch update" stuff in search form

	initial version of "batch update" [batch.form, batch.run]

	added configurable option maxTreeITems
	added option maxBatchErrors
	translated more french items to english
	Interface look improvements
	ldap_search optimisations, using a cursor instead of getting all entries each time
	other search improvements

	Added smart buttons to change base DN in both search forms [search.*]
	Replaced some die() and exit() with call to ErrorPage() handler [schema.*]
	Bug fix + add progress indicator used while recursive delete page [entry.delete]
	Added view page for schema attributes [schema.attribute.properties]
	Fix search results table width [search]

	Improved openldap2.x support:
	revert to ldap_get_entries() in entry.properties,entry.form,tree 
	cause is openldap not lowercasing attributes. this will make trouble for binary attrs.
	fix for php > 4.2 ( _GET and _POST vars )
	win32 fix : temp filename calculations in tree.php
	moved attribute plugins map in config.php
	fix Net/LDAP/Schema.php handle class and attribute definitions with multiple names
	fix Net/LDAP/Schema.php is now openLDAP2.x compatible 

0.9.6 Version 2002-09
   maintenance release, that hopefully fix some reported bugs
	bug fix #576548 - funky tree display on Mozilla
	bug fix #584586 - undefined function version_compare()
	bug fix #603458 - slash in entry values
	removed port from default config set. now default to 389
	user can now customize fields to be display in "advanced search" results
	more display plugins added
	extracted basic functions from configuration file, now in functions.php
	fixed schema browser on openLdap and MSAD	
	added "Lookup DN" on login form
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