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Qwiki Wiki modified 1.5
By Santosh Patnaik
May 13 2006

--- installation ---

Move the uncompressed wiki folder to your webserver

Browse to www.your_domain.com/path/to/wiki/index.php and follow instructions; you will be prompted to edit some settings in _config.php

--- features ---


-Data stored in plain text files
-XHTML 1.0 Strict compliance
-UTF-8 encoding
-Backups created everytime a page is altered.
-Files can be uploaded
-Uploaded image files can be displayed inline; others appear as hyperlinks.
-Tested with PHP version 5; should work with version 4.3 and higher.

Formatting rules

-Auto-creation of wiki pages by using the right syntax
-See Adding or editing content for more
-Both XHTML and wiki syntax accepted
-XHTML as well as wiki syntax can be escape by using specific tags to display raw text

Access restrictions

-Open viewing access
-Optional IP address-based restriction on editing
-Individual pages or all pages can be protected from editing unless an administrator password is provided
-Lockfiles prevent simultaneous editing
-Single user account (administrator)


When logged in with administrator password,

-Pages can be deleted
-Pages can be reverted to an older version
-Older versions (backups), by version number or date, can be deleted for a specific page or for all pages


-Most parameters used by the PHP code are set as variables
-Templates and CSS stylesheets can easily be modified

--- bugs and fixes ---

For possible updates, follow up at http://www.bioinformatics.org/phplabware
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