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// Use a background image. Values can be true or false
$usebackground        =true;

// The background image for this page

// The image that's being used to display the value bar

// The different colors
$color_link          ="black";   // Hyperlink
$color_vlink         ="black";   // Hyperlink visited
$color_alink         ="#0000A0"; // Hyperlink while clicking
$color_hlink         ="#00FF00"; // Hyperlink while pointing
$color_background    ="white";   // Background color whole page
$color_table		 ="cecece";  // Background color Tables
$color_header	     ="#9999cc"; // Background color Header tables

// The font for the whole page
$font_type           ="Verdana"; // The font type
$font_size           ="11px";    // The font size
$font_variables      ="Black";   // The font color variables
$font_table		     ="Black"; // The font color Header tables
$font_info		     ="black";   // The font color text 
$font_text		     ="black";	 // The font color all other text

// The button in the right down corner
$button_color        ="#e6e6e6"; // The color of the button
$button_text		 ="black";   // The color text in the button

// The border around all the fields with the generated info
$border_thick        ="0";       // The thickness of the border
$border_color        ="BLACK";   // The color
$border_style	     ="solid";   // The style

// The colors for the scrollbar
$scrollbar_face      ="cecece";
$scrollbar_highlight ="#9999cc";
$scrollbar_shadow    ="#9999cc";
$scrollbar_3dlight   ="cecece";
$scrollbar_arrow     ="#9999cc";
$scrollbar_track     ="#9999cc";
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