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<TITLE> History of sysinfo </TITLE>
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<B>Version 3.6</B>
	<LI>Made script compatible with php version 5.0.0. Version 3.5 isn't.
	<LI>Fixed a bug with the running servers wich caused a time out when a service wasn't running.
<B>Version 3.5</b>
	<LI>Made drive letters C: to Z: availble thanks to some italian guy.
	<LI>Fixed a bug there is on some servers no CPU information availble.
	<LI>Fixed a bug there is on some servers no server admin availble.
<B>Version 3.4</B>
	<LI>Fixed a bug in the security.
	<LI>Fixed a bug with the custom style sheet so the font type and font size are working properly right now.
<B>Version 3.3</B>
	<LI>Added a page with statitics for this script with the <a href="Manual.html">option </a>to exclude your own computer.
	<LI>Added in the foot of the page the filetime and date of this script.
	<LI>Made the drives letters clickable to show the tree info in stead of the pull down menu.
	<LI>Added a version control for php so the script won't run if you're php is to old.
<B>Version 3.2</B>
	<LI>Added pages with the tree listing of the harddisk.
	<LI>Modified the layout of the first page because of a small bug.
<B>Version 3.1</B>
	<LI>Changed the lay out of the config file and languages file so it's better to understand.
	<LI>Changed the uptime routine to display 1 second and 2 seconds as was requested to me.
	<LI>Removed the random options by the theme select box.
	<LI>The page with the apache info & status are back in the script.
	<LI>A little modification on the update feature for speed performance.
	<LI>Changed the location of the update reference file to a high speed internet location.
<B>Version 3.0 Released on 21-08-2002</B>
	<LI>Probaly the last one for a while. My wife is pregnant and we need some time for the house and childeren.
	<LI>Added a page wich shows the loaded device drivers.
	<LI>Changed the code a bit.
	<LI>Changed the theme "The Gamblers"
	<LI>Moved the update button to the right down corner.
	<LI>Complete rewrote the routine for Languages, themes, and pages. When you're upgrading it's better to remove the old sysinfo and replace it by this one.
<B>Version 2.9</B>
	<LI>Changed the layout a bit. The colums on the right we're displayed very well when all services where enabled.
	<LI>Added themes
	<LI>Removed Brazilian and added Portugese and Italian
	<LI>Cleaned up the index php and build valid html and css
<B>Version 2.8</B>
	<LI>Found a bug in the update check. The button wasn't displayed when there's an update.
<B>Version 2.7</b>
	<LI>Now with an update check. You can put this function on in the config.php. When there's an update you will see an button called update in the left down corner.
<B>Version 2.6</B>
	<LI>Changed the documentation to html files.
	<LI>Updated the whole script so it's now valid <a href="http://www.w3.org">HTML 4.01</a>
	<LI>Modified the memory enviroment so it's accurat.
If you're upgrading from version 2.5 or you must replace mem2.exe by memory.exe<BR><BR>
<B>Version 2.5</B>
	<LI>changed the language routine so the visitor can change the language. You can set a default language in the config.php
	<LI>added the capability to show the ip adres of the server. Just make sure you're servername isn't in the hostfile.
	<LI>Changed the lay out a bit so running servers is in a seperate table
	<LI>Added the capabilty to show the memory enviroment ( Isn't accurat but better then nothing )
<B>Version 2.2</B>
	<LI>Added the german language.
	<LI>Added the Brazilian language.
	<LI>Completly rewrote the harddiskinfo. You don't need the set the number of harddisk in the config.php
  anymore. Support up to 5 partitions.
<B>Version 2.11</B><BR><BR>
	<LI>Found a bug in the harddiskroutine Thanks to cloud from Germany pointing me the issue.<BR><BR>
<B>Version 2.1</B>
	<LI>Supporting several network services. Check to enable/disable the config.php
	<LI>Moved the pagefile.sys to config.php
	<LI>Added a page that diplays the scheduled tasks on your server. Check to enable/disable the config.php
	<LI>Added the posibilty to password secure the page.
	<LI>Added the capability to show the size of the swapfile.
	<LI>Added the capability to show the file in english or dutch.
	<LI>Added a seperate page with detaild harddisk information.
	<LI>Added a seperate page with the running services.
If you're upgrading from version 2 you need to replace the index.php and config.php<BR><BR>
<B>Version 2.0</B>
	<LI>Now supporting more harddisks
	<LI>Made a seperate config file
	<LI>Made it possible to change the lay out colours
<center><br><font size=-1>Documentation of <a href="http://basmaaks.xs4all.nl">Sysinfo </a> written by <a href="mailto:hide@address.com">The Gamblers</a></font></center>
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