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Kwalbum 2
Copyright 2003-2009 Tim Redmond <hide@address.com>

PHP 5 with GD library

If you are updating Kwalbum 2.0 or newer and not installing for the
first time, you can download updates of only the changed files.  If
you prefer to upload everything again, make sure and not overwrite
your config.php with the new install version.

The GD library for PHP is required if you want people to be able to register.
If you are installing Kwalbum for the first time, you will need to edit two files.
The first is "config.php" and is located under the directory "include".
The second is "setup.php".

Make the Kwalbum directory writable by the webserver or temporarily everyone.

Open setup.php in your web browser to create the item directory and the tables in the database.

Change the write permissions of the Kwalbum directory back to what they were before.

Delete setup.php

Log in.
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