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 * All global variables and constants that the user may want to change should be
 * stored here.
 * @version 2.2
 * @package kwalbum
 * @since Aug 7, 2008

 * Required editing starts here
 * Examples values have been filled in
 * and usually must be changed.

// database connection settings
define('MYSQL_HOST', '');			// where the mysql server is located
define('MYSQL_USER_NAME', '');		// name to log onto the server
define('MYSQL_USER_PASSWORD', '');	// password to log on
define('MYSQL_DB_NAME', '');		// name of the database on the server

// Image Magick location (typing "whereis convert" at the command prompt should tell you)
define('IMAGEMAGICK_PATH', '/usr/bin/');

// filesystem path to the directory where items/pictures will be stored
define('PICS_PATH', '/home/www/kwalbum/items/');
// path to the directory as it appears in the URL of the web browser
// (only needed if HIDE_PATH is set to false)
define('PICS_URL', '/kwalbum/items/');
// URL of the main page ending in a question mark (index.php? can usually be replaced with just ?)
define('PAGE_URL', '/kwalbum/?');
// Google Maps API Key from http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html
define('GOOGLE_MAP_KEY', '');
 * Required editing ends here.  All further
 * editing is optional.

// main page title
define('MAIN_TITLE', 'Kwalbum');
// name the cookie should show up as in the web browser
define('COOKIE_NAME', 'kwalbum');

// database table names
define('USER_TABLE', 'KwalbumUsers');
define('ITEM_TABLE', 'KwalbumItems');
define('DATE_TABLE', 'KwalbumDates');
define('LOCATION_TABLE', 'KwalbumLocations');
define('TAG_TABLE', 'KwalbumTags');
define('TAG_MAP_TABLE', 'KwalbumTagMap');
define('PEOPLE_TABLE', 'KwalbumPeople');
define('PEOPLE_MAP_TABLE', 'KwalbumPeopleMap');
define('COMMENT_TABLE', 'KwalbumComments');
define('FAVORITE_TABLE', 'KwalbumFavorites');

// width and height of generated thumbnails and resized images
define('THUMB_X', 150);
define('THUMB_Y', 112);
define('RESIZE_X', 640);
define('RESIZE_Y', 480);

// default number of rows and columns of thumbnails per page
define('THUMB_COLS', 4);
define('THUMB_ROWS', 3);

// true or false if non-members should be allowed to add comments
define('PUBLIC_COMMENTS', false);

// true or false if the path of files should be hidden for non-administrators
define('HIDE_PATH', true);

// ----- Nothing needs to be changed below this line. -----

define('TEST_MODE', false);

$G = & $_GET;
$P = & $_POST;
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