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2.2: 2009-5-6
 + added filename header to file.php for thumbnails and resized images
 + viewing thumbnails without including a page number in the URL now defaults to
     the last page instead of the first in order to show the most recent items
 + added default-color.css and default-layout.css
 - removed default.css
 + created "images" directory to move image files out of other directories
 + changed thumbnails page to use div instead of table
 + changed main index page layout
 + added a map to locations page
 + created "custompage" directory for when a website wants to change pages that
     come with Kwalbum and not worry about them being written over when
     upgrading to a newer version
 + added $_GET['months'] to NewPage.php to allow users to change how far back
     items are considered new
 + added GOOGLE_MAP_KEY to config.php
 + changed coordinate fields in database from float to decimal for better
 + made viewNews, new_pics, calendar, and funcGetImageCode w3c valid

2.1.3: 2009-2-24
 - removed "add to facebook" link
 + fixed Favorites by making FavoriteURLParser extend URLParser class
 + added $orderByField ad $orderByDirection to URLParser to make new ways of
     sorting items easier to create
 + added NewPage for seeing new pictures
 + added CommentsPage for seeing where new comments have been made
 + added PopularPage for seeing what pictures are popular
 - removed UpdatesPage
 + added $subtitle for ThumbnailsPage 
2.1.2: 2009-1-13
 + added filename when viewing fullsize file
 + added last visit date to AdminPermissions page
 + added .mpeg and .mp4 to allowed extensions
 + added Updates page to see which items have the newest changes or comments
 - removed thumbnail path from EXIF data display
 + changed calendar.php to use ItemOrderBy instead of ItemDate
 + changed URLParser.php to use ItemOrderBy instead of ItemDate for $dateQuery
 + changed Dates page to work like the Locations and Tags pages
 + added comment notification text to Thumbnails page for items with comments
 + changed "Home" text for main page link to MAIN_TITLE to help with navigation
     when kwalbum is embeded within a website that also has a "Home" link
 + added the contributor's name above items they added
2.1.1: 2008-10-24
 - security patch note: As of version 2.1, all file extensions on uploaded
     files are changed to lowercase before being checked for unsafe file
     types.  Files already on the server before being added are compared using
     lowercase but not renamed.
 + began the process of commenting and breaking down long sections of code
     into smaller, easier to read and reuse functions
 + added a little more information the the setup warning when creating the item directory
 + added .ogg and .doc to allowed extensions
 + added links to admin edit pages
 + added ability to edit ItemOrderBy
 - fixed MIME type for .txt and .html extensions
 - fixed bug that was hiding thumbnails of deleted items when doing final deletion
 - fixed path error when including new_pics.php from a page outside the kwalbum directory
 + added ability for a user to remove items from their favorites
 + added cell width for prev and current items on ItemPage
 + improved smart typing for locations, tags and people

2.1: 2008-10-05
 - registration now requires the GD lib to help cut down on bots
 - finished adding a login check when public_comments is set to false
 - finished hiding paths when hide_path is set to true
 - reverted back to version 1 method of only allowing certain file types
 - added the ability for admin to delete users
 - improved autocomplete for entering locations, tags, and people
 - people names can now be seen and searched by anyone with permission to add items
 - new_pics.php now shows all new items
 - improved EditMultiple
 - improved calendar
2.0.4: 2008-10-03
 - php files are now renamed to txt when uploaded through the browser
     php files can still be added through ftp
2.0.3: 2008-10-03
 - fixed difference between Favorite thumbnail order and Favorite prev/next order
 - moved version and future update checking from AdminPage to
 - added ability to delete tags, locations, and people  
2.0.2: 2008-10-02
 - added missing & when URL contains "rows" and "cols"
 - removed extra & from URL of Item page when entering from Thumbnails page
 - removed version from bottom of all pages
 - added version to Admin page
 - fixed Item page when viewing Favorites
     (delete pages/FavoritesItemPage.php)
2.0.1: 2008-10-01
 - fixed javascript bug that checked delete box when toggling all
   checkboxes on EditMultiple page
 - fixed html on Admin and MyStuff pages so spacing appears correctly in IE
2.0: 2008-09-30
 - released first public version
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