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<li>No relational database is needed! Entries are stored in local file</li>

<li>Individual Message Editing!</li>

<li>Does NOT use Cookies!</li>

<li>Does not use sessions</li>

<li>Does not require register_globals to be set to "on"</li>

<li>A Theme Builder application!</li>

<li>Configurable for either Private (HHTP Authenticate) or Public usage.</li>

<li>Can run as a stand-alone application, or in frames or in tables!</li>

<li>Private messages are stored with each user's selected password, which can be different for each message!  That way, users can share private messages if the guestbook is used for more like a messaging system!</li>

<li>Run in single column or dual column mode that separates the icons and picture in the left hand column and the message in the right.</li>

<li>Links and pictures allowed in Comments box, at the discretion of the webmaster.</li>

<li>Automatic conversion of urls and email address to links!</li>

<li>Multiple, separately configurable (if desired), log files to track anything you have access to!</li>

<li>Completely customizable through configuration and themes file</li>

<li>Theme customizations!</li>

<li>At present, these are the languages supported</li>

	<ul><li>Afrikaans<li>Chinese<li>Croation<li>Danish<li>Dutch<li>Dutch (Belgium/Formal)<li>English<li>Estonian<li>French<li>German<li>Icelandic<li>Indonesian<li>Italian<li>Latvian<li>Lithuanian<li>Polish<li>Portuguese<li>Russian<li>Spanish<li>Surinam<li>Thai<li>Vietnam</li>


<li>Viewing language is selectable by person viewing and can be changed at random</li>

<li>Theme viewing is selectable by person viewing and can be changed at random</li>

<li>Web based admin that features advanced color selection, languages automatically added by file content, password protection,etc.</li>

<li>Bad word filtering</li>

<li>IP banning</li>

<li>Previous/Next controls</li>

<li>Allow/Disallow carriage returns/line feeds</li>

<li>Limit length of comments</li>

<li>Button Customization</li>




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