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<p>Well, it's been a long time coming, but it's been fun and challenging getting here. I would like to offer thanks to everyone who was so instrumental in bringing this to fruition.  Please understand that listing everyone by name is not possible, but a great thanks to all the translators and testers!  I am compelled to say a special note of gratitude to the following by name - Hiro, Jerry, Peter, Roy, Cody, Bob, Steve, and Martin for your endless hours of testing, your encouragement, your suggestions, and your insights, to perfect this release!  Enjoy!
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<p><b>Installation</b><ul><li>Unzip the kisgb-nuke.zip package<li>Read ALL the documentation!  It really is invaluable in helping you to understand this application<li>Now that you have read the documentation, modify the header.php, filter.php file, and user.prefs.php file according to your needs<li>ftp the entire folder to your web server nuke/modules directory<li>Set permissions as follows<ul><li>kisgb folder = 0777<li>kisgb/themes folder = 0777<li>kisgb/kisgb.csv.php = 0666<li>kisgb/user.prefs.php = 0666</ul><li>Activate the module in the administration section of Nuke.<li>Installation should be complete! If not, check permissions.  That's usually the issue.
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<p><b>General Stuff</b><br /><br />This version differs from the stand alone version (SAV) in several ways, but especially in 3 distinct ways.  The first one is the config.php and user.prefs.php files.  All of the settings that are in the SAV apply, but the NUKE versions have to reference the directory structure mandated by the nuke environment.  Thus, you see reference to <b>$kisgb_module_name = "modules/".basename(dirname(__FILE__));</b>  Secondly, the themes should be disabled (<b>$use_themes=FALSE</b>) and the <b>$theme</b> setting should be set to phpnuke.thm.php</b>. This will allow the nuke themes to override KISGB and will not show the themes drop down box.  You can use the themes but since the users can pick their own phpnuke theme, it can cause ugliness and confusion.  Thirdly, nuke allows registering, whereas the SAV does not [yet :)].  The security structure operates like this.<ul><li>An Admin can always edit everything in KISGB, even when <b>$admin_from_web=FALSE;</b>  This is by design.  This way, the users can sign the guestbook, but not edit messages.<li>Nuke passwords always apply to registered users if they are logged in, obviously. They should never have to enter passwords to act upon their own messages.<li>If one user attempts to edit another user's message, they will have to know the password that the message was saved under, NOT the other User's password.  That password is not stored with the message.  It's a bit of a paradox, but the philosophy is grounded.<li>If anonymous posting is allowed (<b>$only_registered_users_can_add=FALSE;</b>) and you want to allow message level editing, you must do all of the following:<ul><li><b>$admin_from_web=TRUE;</b><li><b>$only_registered_users_can_add=FALSE;</b><li><b>$allow_msg_lvl_edit_by_user=TRUE;</b><li><b>$cutoff_date_for_updates=<SOME NON ZERO VALUE>;</b> as per the documentation.</ul></ul>
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<p><b>Problems/Gotchas</b><br /><br />The only potential problem has to do with the fact that this is NOT an RDBMS (MySQL) stored guestbook.  As such, if 2 users are writing a message at the same time, the server could get out of sync.  The only alternative, you say, is to use flock() mechanisms.  True, but then, that has problems with win32 systems as they do not honor the flock()ing code correctly/easily (whatever).  So, the worst that happens is that one user's post gets overlayed, which can happen, but there have not been any complaints since first released.  Be forwarned though.
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<p><b>Future Versions and Stuff?</b><br /><br />Of course, Hiro always has some new thing the Boner's need &lt;GRIN&gt;. Maybe an RDBMS version.  Maybe a port to Postnuke (OH MY!).  Jerry has some suggestions for a future release.  Maybe start a CVS tree.  Anything is possible.  Anyway, that's it for now!
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